Corporation Commission approves AEP-PSO charges on smart meter installations

How would you like to live in an apartment building with a bank of 17 microwave transmitting devices.  Studies have proven that smart meters are higher in radiation emissions than cell phones!!!  The Government/utitities aka America, Inc. does not inform the public of this truth.  Why?  they would not be able to do it and make the billions in revenue….Sandaura

Corporation Commission approves AEP-PSO charges on smart meter installations

The utility has put in more than 100,000 of the advanced meters.

Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 12:00 am

Tulsa-based electricity provider AEP-PSO finally got approval Tuesday from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for an increase in monthly charges to pay for the installation of smart meters statewide — even though the utility already has put in more than 100,000 of the advanced meters and charging for it for months.

The state regulatory panel voted 2-1 to approve the final order on the case that AEP-PSO originally filed in January 2014. Commissioners Bob Anthony and Dana Murphy voted for the order, while new commissioner Todd Hiett was the nay vote.

  Smart Meters

The election season ongoing last year and various oppositions to the rollout, officially called the advanced metering infrastructure, delayed the state’s approval process, a spokesman said.

“There was a lot of challenging timing,” AEP-PSO spokesman Stan Whiteford said Tuesday.

The utility already is charging its customers about $3.11 per month to pay for the systemwide installation and has been doing so since last year. The installations, which began last year in southeastern Oklahoma, are currently underway in the Tulsa area and will be completed statewide by next year.

The final order does not include an opt-out option for customers who don’t want the smart meters installed on their properties. The opt-out is part of a separate filing and is still to be decided, Whiteford noted.

AEP-PSO came to a settlement with various parties including the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, industrial customers, Wal-Mart and the commission’s own public utility staff last year. Others, such as retirees’ advocate AARP and some individual stakeholders, still oppose the meters on arguments that they don’t save customers money and could be dangerous to health due to radiation emissions, respectively.

The Corporation Commission did add a couple of wrinkles to the final order on the AMI plan. AEP-PSO will be required to deliver presentations on reliability expenditures and low-income rate research in the near future.

The AMI system is made up of digital “smart” meters which communicate directly with the utility’s computer database. The online meters benefit AEP-PSO by eliminating the need for residential meter readings and other efficiencies.

The savings for customers, AEP-PSO has contended, is that they will have the ability to control their usage during peak hours, among other things.

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