‘Smart meter’ installers accused of jumping, breaking locked gates

Where do the worker bee drones get the orders to infiltrate the enemy (we, the people) with no reservation or consideration that they are actually trespassing on ones property without permission.  When are the goods guys going to grow some huevos and realize this must stop.  We are living within a fascist government. Bye bye constitution, bye bye civil liberties.  Our liberties and freedoms are gone!!!!  By doing nothing you are aligning with this demonic, greedy, fear mongering, oppressive thinking.  We are in a dark hole as a society as a global race.  We must end this rein of war, VIOLENCE, fear mongering, taxation without representation, unaccountability,  you think that everything will get better when those in charge are willfully taking everything from us?…..WAKE UP, THE INFORMATION IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. Put down your wireless devices and focus on what is going on here…sandaura

‘Smart meter’ installers accused of jumping, breaking locked gates

One incident involved KRMG’s own John Filbeck

PSO Smart Meter
PSO installs smart meters in Owasso

By John Filbeck


With concerns about the potential health and safety risks of so-called “smart meters” mounting, even the installation process has riled some people up in the Tulsa area.

John Filbeck, who works for KRMG and FOX23 as a traffic reporter and storm chaser, says the internal lock on his gate was broken and his dogs set free by installers who went to his home to put a PSO AMI meter in place.

“I wasn’t there when they came to the house, but I have my gates locked from the inside,” he told our reporter. “They pulled on the gate, and popped the lock on the inside, then went inside and installed the digital meter, and then just left the gate open and my dogs got out.”

He found the dogs several blocks away, but isn’t happy about the damage and the hassle.

“The reason why I knew somebody was in there was when I got home, the gate was wide open,” he said.

He knows it was PSO because not only was there a new meter on his home, “they had also left a note on the door basically saying ‘we were here, and we installed a smart meter.”

PSO spokesman Stan Whiteford tells KRMG that it’s not their policy to trespass or damage property.

“We want to be as respectful of people’s property as we always are,” he told KRMG, adding that he would look into the situation.

Luci Morgan, who lives near 111th and Memorial, said she had a similar experience.

While she managed to prevent installation on her own home, she says installers jumped over her locked gate to install a meter on her neighbor’s home.

Whiteford said he would also look into that incident.

He added that installers will open any unlocked gate and enter private property to install the meters.

Customers can opt out if they don’t already have the meters installed, but can expect to pay a one-time fee and higher utility rates.

Call PSO at 1-888-216-3523 for more information.


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