The Pentagon has 3 trillion dollars that is unaccounted for and they cannot be audited!!!

Why does THE MILITARY HAVE POWER over CONGRESS?  1/2 OF OUR budget they vote on is taken by the pentagon without any accountability what so ever?

Why is this secret and the American people are kept in the dark as what is going on with their money?  We are allowing our Politicians to lie to us….and this is the systemic problem we have with all of the issues we are fighting for..we don’t know who is running the show….. a wise man quoted, “What happens if we do nothing? If we do nothing we will end up where we are going”…. Sandaura

Sens. Cruz, Paul Demand the Pentagon Be Able to Pass an Audit

Although the Pentagon has been required by law to pass an audit every year for almost 20 years, it has been unable to do so. The Pentagon is by far the largest government bureaucracy in the country, with a proposed 2015 budget request of $585 billion. With a budget that large, the Pentagon should be able to tell us how our tax dollars are spent – especially when its leaders keep asking for more money.

Ted_Cruz,_official_portrait,But a news report in 2013 revealed that the Pentagon had been doctoring its books for years to conceal “epic” amounts of wasteful spending. The problem is so bad the Pentagon doesn’t know how many people work for it or even how many people it needs. Fortunately, things are not all bad.

Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rand Paul (R-KY) and others have introduced legislation that would place penalties on the Pentagon if it is not able to pass an audit by 2017. According to The Hill, the legislation “calls for increased oversight every year the department fails to meet the target and would eventually strip the Pentagon’s ability to reprogram and transfer funds between its accounts.” The bill would also reward the Pentagon if it met its goal.

And during his nomination hearing to be Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter told one of the bill’s other cosponsors, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), that he is committed to an audit of the Pentagon.

A coalition of groups has urged Congress to take action. The last two years in a row bipartisan legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives that would have put financial penalties on the Pentagon. And now that the Senate has introduced legislation and the presumed Secretary of Defense is on board, there should be no reason why Congress cannot agree on a bill compelling the Pentagon to pass an audit.

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