ILLINOIS-ComEd To Replace Glenview Meters – Residents voice the Same same Concerns voiced Across the USA

The same concerns voiced from citizens across the country, yet there are no studies proving the smart technology is safe and does not do harm!!! The Government/Industry keeps on rolling over opposition and ignoring those who are being injured by the radiation pollution. WHO, in this smart meter war,  is the descenter, traitor, to our freedoms and liberty?  We should be more concerned of terrorism within our political and economical systems.  For this is the kind of terror that is silent, cowardly and with intent to do harm to its citizens for the sole purpose of profit and control for there is nothing Green or Smart going on here…Sandaura

ComEd To Replace Glenview Meters

ComEd will begin implementing a new smart meter project In Glenview in just a few weeks and will continue for another eight months until all 17,000 meters have been replaced within the Village. There is no charge to customers for the replacement. The project plan was laid out to the Village Board of Trustees at its regular March 17 meeting and delivered by ComEd’s VP of Advanced Metering Infrastructure Implementation Mike McMahan.

The new meter is completely digital, revolutionizing the way electric service readings are captured. No longer will a ComEd representative have to come to your home on a regular basis to gather data; instead the smart meters have small computer chips and two radio dials that communicate with ComEd on a daily basis and can also communicate with the customer when enabled.

There are several advantages to this new system. First is the fact that customers will now be able to view their usage in real time. Because ComEd will retrieve hourly reports from the digital meters, customers can log on to the company’s website and access their account to see current readings and adjust as necessary to better control monthly bills. Second is the capability for automatic outage protection, so when storms hit and power goes out, ComEd will automatically be alerted to service interruptions. Furthermore this regional network allows ComEd to ping meters remotely to stay on top of where services continue to be delayed and can then focus more crews on the most vulnerable areas. This also helps to prevent theft and will “save all customers in the long run,” said McMahan.

He also discussed the concerns some customers have voiced about the new digital system and the technology behind it. Data privacy was one issue, although McMahan said ComEd will not sell information to third parties. Related to that were concerns about cyber security.

“We specifically chose our communications vendor, Silver Springs, because of the security features they offer,” said McMahan. “We have gone as far as to hire people to try and hack into our system and any vulnerabilities they exposed were closed.” If a hacker was able to retrieve any information it would only be the serial number of the meter and the kilowatt usage as no personal data is encrypted in the feed.

The third concern was related to health effects since the upgraded system is completely wireless. The signal, said McMahan, registers about 900Mhz, about the same amount as a baby monitor or garage door opener and less than a smartphone. Any exposure to waves would also be limited to less than five minutes per day.

All customers will be notified of the meter replacement plan through a variety of communications from ComEd, including bill inserts, postcards, letters, robo calls and one-on-one interactions on the day of service. The company Corex is the only approved vendor for installation, said McMahan. It is not authorized to ask for money or personal information or to come into your home unless the meter is located inside. All personnel will have badges of authenticity if a homeowner is concerned.

Ann Arbor family has power shut off by DTE in dispute over installing new SMART meter on their home

Ann Arbor family has power shut off by DTE in dispute over installing new SMART meter on their home

PG&E and CPUC Colluded to Hide Smart Meter Overcharging & Financial Ties to Firm Who Wrote Report on “Accuracy”

PG&E and CPUC Colluded to Hide Smart Meter Overcharging & Financial Ties to Firm Who Wrote Report on “Accuracy”

SMARTrhino100EMF Safety Network has reported on new e-mails that have been discovered between the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) regarding the study that was conducted by the Structure Group in 2010 purporting to prove the accuracy of smart meters.   The study was used to reassure thousands of Californians that their new smart meter and new, inflated bills, were accurate, and not overcharging them.   Backroom, “off the record” conversations between the utility and the regulator now reveal serious accuracy problems with smart meters linked toSMARTtower1001 temperature, an awareness of financial ties between PG&E and Structure, and a collusion to cover up those ties in order to falsely reassure the public that the study was independent and smart meters were not overcharging. (neither which were true).

Further throwing the results of Structure’s report into doubt, and making the whole endeavor seem like a pre-arranged stitch up, former CPUC President Peevey- who had personal experience of smart meters overcharging at his luxurious Sea Ranch compound, reassured PG&E that the results of the Structure Report would please them, even while Structure Group was still in the process of testing meters. 

This is yet another major scandal for PG&E and the CPUC.  The Structure report was held up as the final word that smart meters were accurate, and the report has been used in other states, and around the world to convince people to trust the accuracy of their smart meters.   But according to EMFSN’s report, major accuracy issues were swept under the carpet, leading to the likely reality that millions of customers in California and beyond continue to be routinely overcharged for their electricity usage, while the consumer protection agency paid for by public monies, continues to work with big utility companies to undermine fairness, transparency, safety, and health.

How much more will you take, California?

Read the full story here.   Wicked illustrations courtesy Brian Narelle.

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