Microwave Versus Smart Meter Radiation: Apples and Oranges-an unvalid comparison

Microwave Versus Smart Meter Radiation: Apples and Oranges

Utility companies which claim that the Smart Meters are safe  compare the Smart Meter to other household devices such as the microwave, which may emit much higher radiation.  However, Dr. Karl Maret (an MD with degrees in electrical and biomedical engineering) says that the “biological effect” from a microwave oven versus a Smart meter is not the same.  The microwave oven, when it is on, produces “continuous” radiation whereas the Smart meter is pulsed radiation. He writes  “Peer-reviewed studies have shown that the differences in modulation patterns and waveforms can produce quite different biological effects,”  such as the “selective release of calcium from cell membranes.”

From Dr. Meret’s letter to the CPUC:

Microwave ovens produce much higher power output but are not modulated or pulsed in any way. It is imperative to understand that it is the modulation or pulsation pattern that leads to biological effects at non-thermal power levels. Biologically-sensitive amplitude windows have been found at specific frequencies that lead to the selective release of calcium from cell membranes. However, above and below these unique power densities there is no observable effect. Pulses and square waves have the greatest biological impact because they produce rapid changes in voltage across biological membranes. Un-modulated carrier waves have little or no biological effect except if their power is sufficient high, such as in microwave ovens. Comparing the power levels between modulated and un-modulated devices. . . is thus misleading.”

To read his entire letter which discusses this topic and other issues (such as how the reflection of RF from other surfaces can create radiation “hot spots” and also his discussion on pulsed radiation while we sleep), see link above.  Also, see this article in EMR Safetynetwork’s web site PG&E’s Big Confession which discusses where, by order of a judge, the utility companies are now  admitting that  the pulses will be tens of thousands of times during a 24 hour period, something they have not disclosed to the public or put in their RF informational sheets.