CPS Energy sued by Comal County homeowner over ‘smart meter’ technology

SAN ANTONIO, TX-CPS Energy sued by Comal County homeowner over ‘smart meter’ technology

Mar 12, 2015, 7:42am CDT

Reporter- San Antonio Business JournalEmail  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIn  |  FacebookA Comal County man has filed a federal lawsuit against San Antonio utility company CPS Energy over the installation of “smart meters” at his home.

Michael Thomas Paul filed a computer fraud and abuse act lawsuit in San Antonio’s federal court last week claiming that smart meters caused him medical harm. He also claims that the system tampered with his solar power equipment installed at his home.

The lawsuit comes at a time when CPS Energy promoting its “Smart Grid Initiative” for cost-saving and environmentally-friendly benefits but also a time when many homeowners are involved in a nationwide movement against smart meters.

Paul lives in the Siesta Village neighborhood near Natural Bridge Caverns, where he installed a solar power system in November 2013.

The Comal County man claims CPS Energy installed a digital “smart meter” to monitor the solar system’s production despite multiple requests for an analog meter. Smart meters are electronic devices that record energy consumption at small time-period intervals and then report it back wirelessly to a centralized location. CPS Energy introduced smart meters as a way to reduce the time and effort involved in dispatching technicians to the field who would record meter data manually.

The Comal County man claims a review of his equipment’s activity logs shows that the smart meter would activate and deactivate his solar power system against his wishes.

“They were making me buy power (from the grid) to turn back on the (solar) inverter,” Paul said about the smart meter.

Paul, who receives disability payments through Social Security, also claims that Wi-Fi signals from the smart meter harmed him medically. He alleges that titanium pins inside his body turned him into a “receptor” for the system’s wireless transmissions.


Planned Smart Electric Meters On Long Island Draw Fears About Privacy, Radiation

Planned Smart Electric Meters On Long Island Draw Fears About Privacy, Radiation

JERICHO, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Power is going high-tech on Long Island, as PSEG rolls out a new way of measuring electricity use.

But as CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reported, some are worried that the new meters might be invading their privacy.

The analog electric meters that have been around for decades will soon be a thing of the past on Long Island. Homes there are hooking up to smart meters, which wirelessly transmit utility use to PSEG Long Island.

The smart meters phase out meter readers, and enable customers to monitor their usage, according to advocates.

“We are trying to eliminate the estimated meter reads so people can have a more accurate and real-time understanding of what their usage is,” said PSEG Long Island spokesman Jeff Weir.

But some Long Island residents, including Rosanne Spinner of New Hyde Park, want no part of the high-tech upgrade.

Spinner said the plan “sounds smart – OK, let’s do that,” but actually is “not smart.” She has joined the nationwide opposition to smart meters.

At issue is privacy. Smart meters measure electricity used and what time of day — transmitting information about when appliances are in use and when they are not.

“A criminal wants to know when you’re home or when you’re not home. A criminal wants to know what’s going on in the bedroom upstairs – or a weirdo wants to know — whoever,” Spinner said. “It’s un-American.”

Weir insisted that hackers will not be getting into strangers’ electrical data.

“All of that data is encrypted and protected from any type of a hack,” he said.  (Lies, anything can be hacked..sandaura)

PSEG also dismisses health concerns, citing national studies.

“A smart meter emits less radio frequencies than, say, a cell phone – which is right against your head — and a microwave oven,” Weir said.  (We are dealing with Pulsed Radio Frequency Waves that have a direct bio active reaction to our biology. Microwave ovens, although not good, do not function using pulsed radio waves…Sandaura)

But an environmental health watchdog said scientists are divided on the safety. (The scientists on the side of the dangers of this technology are telling the truth! The other side, are paid to lie to keep this conversation static and confusing to the public.  just like they did with asbestos, tobacco and what they are doing with Global warning.   Do not believe the lies, do your own homework…sandaura)

“The radiation coming out of a smart meter is a constant exposure. It’s not a device that you own and you are actually limiting your expose from by turning it off,” said Patti Wood, director of Grassroots Environmental Education.

PSEG will not install a smart meter without a customer’s knowledge, and customers will have the chance to opt out.

PSEG Long Island plans to install 40,000 smart meters in the next three years for anyone changing or getting new service.

To view the video: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/03/06/planned-smart-electric-meters-on-long-island-draw-fears-about-privacy-radiation/

NEW YORK-Smart meters will become opt-out, not opt-in

Smart meters will become opt-out, not opt-in

By ANDREW KING Wednesday March 11, 2015 11:56 AM

A vocal group of residents convinced City Council to not mandate adoption of the new technology in 2010-11. The city turned down a $4.3 million federal stimulus grant that would have paid for half of the new residential water and electricity meters.

Those opposed to them expressed concerns over privacy, potential hacking, government-dictated utility use and rate hikes being used to force compliance with city use preferences.

Full article:  http://www.thisweeknews.com/content/stories/westerville/news/2015/03/10/smart-meters-will-become-opt-out-not-opt-in.html