CANADA-Letter: Dalton brushes off smart meter concerns

Letter: Dalton brushes off smart meter concerns

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times
March 4, 2015 04:58 PM

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Dear Editor,

I mistakenly contacted MLA Marc Dalton several times (before he correctly informed me I was outside the bounds of his riding) regarding my concerns over the forced imposition of his government’s “smart” meter program.

Mr. Dalton was not well informed on the subject, but what was of more concern was his unwillingness to become informed or to field any serious questions regarding the matter.

The smart meter project, born and bred in secrecy and exempted from all levels of normal oversight, represents a range of concerns, including fire safety, elevated costs, time-of-use billing, electrical grid security, invasion of personal privacy, and most importantly, adverse long-term health effects.

The technology, which envelops entire cities in microwave radiation to send information wirelessly, is not, and cannot be proven safe.

Citizens were not only not consulted on this major change, they are effectively obstructed at every level when attempting to investigate.

None of this is of any concern to our MLAs, who dutifully keep their eyes straight ahead and never stray from talking points.

With our institutions increasingly hijacked by corporations, and democracy vanishing like the Arctic ice, we desperately need public servants of integrity willing to step out of line and ask hard questions.

I would like to thank Mr. Dalton for his service, and in the best interests of Canada, wish him a long and happy retirement right here in Maple Ridge.

Ron McNutt, Maple Ridge

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