Environmental Sensitivities Symposium Online, March 23rd

You can book your free ticket at: essymposium.com

Do you or a loved one suffer from environmental sensitivities?

For those of our readers who experience electromagnetic hypersensitivity, chemical sensitivity or other environmental sensitivities, help is at hand – at no cost.

My friend and colleague Lucinda Curran from Australia is hosting an online event, beginning 23rd March, at which I am pleased to be speaking. This is the 2015 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium and it will feature 23 leading speakers from around the world who will share their expertise.

The 2015 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium has been created for people with various environmental sensitivities – multiple chemical sensitivities, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Lyme Disease and biotoxin-related illnesses, food intolerances and more.

Here are some of the reasons why taking part in the Symposium can help.

  • Everyone can participate, even those who are electrically sensitive.
  • There is an online forum where you can become part of a supportive community.
  • The ES Symposium is packed full of tips, strategies and actions that you can take to improve your health.

You can book your free ticket at: essymposium.com

You may also consider upgrading so you can support some great charities.

I encourage you to support this unique Australian event and to direct your enquiries about this event to Lucinda who, I have always found, is happy to be of help.

Warm regards,
Lyn McLean
EMR Australia PL
02 9576 1772

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