Wake up Call!!! Calling all decent Humans to wake up and not tolerate what is happening to us..

When I was involuntarily thrown into the smart meter nightmare; I had no idea that it would lead to, being an ideological death and mourning of what I once believed to be true and good.  The Awakening is a process and one I continue to awaken to on a daily basis. If I had not experienced first hand, the abuse and corruption we witnessed when we filed formal complaints with the State of Massachusetts; literally crying and pleading for help on almost daily basis for over 3 years to stop the noise pollution torturing us in our home 24 hours a day; the migraines, headaches, nose bleeds, nervous tension, muscle spasms, constant ringing hissing of RF ultrasonic, high frequencies, infrasound pounding and vibrating in my head and body !!!  It all began when National Grid came to our home when we were not home and without any written notice put a smart meter on our home in September of 2006.  They played dumb every time, in well over 12 visits to our home and property.  Never admitting to anything; never even pointing to the smart meter, which we did not discover to be on our home until 2008 on our own!!! There was no help from the State agencies, no discussions about the forensic evidence we submitted to them.  Never a discussion about the dirty electricity issues and what National Grid would do to mitigate.  Never showed any sympathy or caring; just focused on disproving or dismissing our claims.  The State never ordering independent studies or RF/microwave engineers to be included in what took the State Three years to come up with a testing plan!!! yes, while we were begging for help they dragged their feet over three years and never intended to do the proper tests that would get to the truth or core of the issue we already uncovered and laid in front of them. There was no other source to point to according to the evidence, but the electric grid that now had become the smart grid as well.

Was anyone out there speaking out about the dangers of the smart grid network at that time?  NO!  Did we know anything about smart meters at that time, NO!  So this is where it all began for us and where it has opened a can of worms so dark and sinister that my heart and soul is in mourning because all I believed in, even though I complained about how our government could do better and I always ended thinking well, “the democrats are the lesser of two evils; this was all an illusion that I didn’t want to totally let go of; for what replaces it is too painful to believe.  But, sadly, the reality is that we do not live in a democracy. That the Federal banks control all our money and decisions and control over us is a group of individuals who do not make decisions for the good of 7.125 billion people.  We are considered a burden.  The major burden is an aging population, in which dementia will be the number #1 burden on the health care budget.  So when you see documents published and public meetings openly discussing cutting the population to 1/2 billion, then how do you think this will be done?  We can start with poor quality, genetically engineering food.  Over 80% is now GMO aka, poisoned at the hands of Monsanto.  Water?  How about copious amounts of Chlorine, to the point I get a notice from the town stating the Chlorine levels are beyond the limits.  The majority of the people depend on municipal water are still using this water to drink, cook and bathe.  Why are poisonous additives being added in the processing of our food.  Do you know this about Aspartame…..link below….

Patent confirms that aspartame is the excrement of GM bacteria

Saturday, August 24, 2013 by: Michael Ravensthorpe
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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041766_aspartame_GM_bacteria_patent.html#ixzz3Tur9NLLO

….Why?  Why, other than profit. This additive was in every pack of gun our kids chewed!  Why was this allowed? This was information withheld from the public.  Where was our EPA, CDC? Where were they while our children were being poisoned?  Oh ya, cha ching!   It doesn’t stop here.  This is systemic throughout all leadership decisions that run our lives.  This is happening all the time.  The Smart meter fight is obvious to those fighting this issue on the front lines.  I will from time to time post articles here.  At first glance, you will may think, what does this have to do with Smart meters?  Connecting the dots with the myriad of serious issues, always leads to the obvious; the loss of our freedom, democracy and rights.  Until Americans wake up and stop being distracted by frivolous, meaningless stuff; it will continue to get worse for all of us.

Massachusetts: story  of Predatory Guardianship      Shame on you Massachusetts and all States for allowing this. This will turn your stomach at what is happening right under our eyes.  We cannot any longer to our heads to things that are just too horrific to deal with.  The “ostrich mentality” in our Country must stop……This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the injustices and crimes being perpetrated for the purpose of complete control over the population….and it is going to get worse…Sandaura