Indiana-Citizens have concerns about smart meters

Citizens have concerns about smart meters

Posted: Friday, March 6, 2015 6:00 am

Oldenburg Town Council members continued a conversation about smart meters March 2 that began last month. Several citizens in attendance were concerned about this issue.

At the February gathering, Dr. Tom Konnersman said these devices “transmit over radio frequency fields,” and since the technology is developing so quickly, there have not been adequate health studies to determine the effects of long-term exposure to radio frequency radiation.

He said, “I contacted Douglas Esamann, who is the chief executive officer of Duke for Indiana, by letter, saying I don’t want smart meters on my property, and got a call 48 hours after the letter was sent.

“I asked him several questions about what’s going on with the smart grid as far as Indiana. He said there are a few (meters) that have been put into place as study models. Some are activated, and some are not. I wondered if there was a possibility there is a smart meter in Oldenburg, and he said, ‘There’s a possibility’ …. (and) I know there are a few here already.”

Konnersman revealed he learned that Duke has finished the smart grid in Kentucky and most of Ohio. “They are getting ready to march into Indiana, starting in northern Indiana and working their way south.

“If we’re going to do this (put a stop to smart meters in town), we have to do this as a community …. I did speak with my brother, who is a retired corporate attorney, and he said there is no reason why Oldenburg can’t set up an ordinance to stop it, but we need to do it soon.”

Town attorney John Kellerman reported, “I have asked the Indiana Association of Cities & Towns if they have an ordinance for this, and they don’t …. (and) no local municipalities have ordinances in place.”

Town council member Dennis Moeller said he would contact Duke Energy to see if a representative could attend next month’s meeting to address questions about smart meters.

Diane Raver can be contacted at or 812-934-4343, Ext. 114.

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