New Device Itemizes Energy Use, With or Without Smart Meter

Another wireless device that has the same negative effect as the smart meter.  Just another radiation pollutant that harms all living things.  America, Inc keeps adding more devices to our environment that increases further the radiation pollution we are already exposed to, without any control or a way to escape it…sandaura

New Device Itemizes Energy Use, With or Without Smart Meter

New Device Itemizes Energy Use, With or Without Smart Meter A new home energy management solution called Smappee is designed to help consumers reduce power consumption by providing a detailed accounting of where exactly the energy is being used.

Smappee’s business development manager Richard Morgan explains, “One of the first things you need is to get visibility on where the energy used is actually going. To do that in the commercial industrial sector you use submetering, which is monitoring the electrical consumption of individual equipment within a building, such as HVAC, lighting, or refrigeration. We took that concept from the industrial world brought that capability to the residential consumer.”

Smappee, which works independently of utilities, gathers real-time energy data through a single clip-on sensor that attaches to a user’s main power line, negating the need for multiple sensors.

Morgan notes, “Our device then connects the Wi-Fi in a consumer’s home and sends the data up to our cloud-based platform. So Smappee is a combo of a hardware device and a cloud-based software solution. That means that the service can be used whether or not the home has a smart meter installed.”

Through the sensor, Smappee is able to gather accurate information about where and when and how much energy is consumed.

“It works by essentially listening to the unique energy signature of the various electric appliances in the home,” he explains. “It sends that information to our cloud, which calculates how much energy was used and how much it is costing. Then the consumer can access that information on our mobile app”

According to Morgan, most utilities are still in the Dark Ages in that they give you one number or chart to cover everything, which he says just raise more questions. “Right now the smart meter roll-outs are really from the utility perspective as opposed to the consumer perspective. If you really want consumers to reduce consumption give them more information. Snappy answers those questions directly. We can show a spike in usage was caused by doing laundry and washing your dishes at the same time.”

The company also offers smart sensors that automatically turn off always-on devices and appliances once they detect the homeowner has gone to bed or has left the house. “A lot of times people don’t know where to start with energy efficiency so they start with what they can see, like lights,” Morgan observes. “But people need to start with the things that are on all the time. Smappee gives that visibility.”

Morgan says that while their service is consumer-centric, they are not averse to working with utilities in the right circumstances. “Consumers are at the heart of what we do. Having an organization that’s consumer centric means it is not always utility-centric and reducing energy usage and cost might not be in the best interest of a given utility. So from that perspective it’s better to have a direct consumer relationship. Having said that, there are a lot of utilities out there that would like to promote energy efficiency and awareness so we would partner with a company like that. As long as we keep our consumer centric mentality we’re comfortable.”

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