Global Smart Meters Roll-Out And Serfdom Of Humanity

Part 1 out of 3

By Mario Dufour and Esse Nemo

A Trojan Horse

A new smart-meter Wi-Fi technology for energy utilities is being deployed all over the world. Here in Quebec, it is “rolled out” by the publicly owned Hydro-Quebec (H.Q.) under the directives from a “consultant”, Accenture, and its Focus AX partner and manufacturers like Landis+Gyr, whose meters spontaneously combust more often than intended given that they are attached to homes, this is its first qualification as a Trojan horse, and its least injurious.

This global operation involving Hydro-Quebec has little to do with better management of the common good, but everything to do with satisfying the greed of a ruling class of financial and industrial ‘powers’.

It is now necessary in order to satisfy their compulsive desire to know all, to have access to all the data that we are likely to generate.

By studying our habits, building profiles about us, they believe they are able to guide our decisions towards automation to a profitable target. Welcome to the Internet of Things.

Common Good Management
Like many energy distributors and governments in any number of countries to jump on the brakeless train taking us with all speed to Smart Planet Nirvana, Gouvernement du Quebec and Hydro-Quebec tell us that the Focus AX meter has no other function than to transmit the data of our energy consumption in real time. This statement is already dishonest, when one understands what constitutes data mining and what it is able to reveal. H.Q. also says “The new Hydro-Quebec technology (as though it were theirs) will provide different functionalities in the future. For example, customers can monitor their consumption and make sound management choices“. Really?! But what else can it do?

It is obvious that a digital system of energy management based on an open-source platform and administered exclusively by a public authority would be an important step forward; with the right safeguards it could offer a multitude of beneficial services to citizens. However, the project set up by the giants of finance and industry have other objectives.

Wolf to the Rescue of a Future Humanity

April 11, 2013, H.Q. issued a press release entitled Resources lent by Accenture complement the work force of Hydro-Quebec for a limited time period under specific mandates, and do not replace employees We learned that 70 employees were embedded in the teams of H.Q. and a score of these are located outside of Quebec (e.g. Mumbai). Accenture is one of the largest consulting firms outsourcing, transferring jobs to countries where working conditions and regulations are more ‘lax’ in order to maximize profits.

Thus Accenture has become a global leader in the Internet of Everything Data Mining. Until recently, a strategic and chilling slogan on their website reads: “It is easier to predict the future when we create it ourself.” (!?!)
The Origins of Accenture  

Accenture was formerly Andersen Consulting, the consulting department of Arthur Andersen, the accounting firm behind the Enron scandal. Following that unfortunate miscalculation, they spent $ 2 billion to change their brand and rebuild their virginity by incorporating in Bermuda in 2001, at that time a primo tax haven. Then, due to changes in U.S. law, they moved their “mailbox” to Ireland, a ‘friendlier’ environment.

About Their Integrity

In 2011 Accenture “agreed” to pay nearly $ 64 million in fines in the U.S. for overcharging contracts in information technology and tampering of tenders.

Because of their intimate knowledge of tax evasion and fraudulent schemes, they offer consultant and organisational services for the ‘prevention and detection of fraud’, collection of taxes, pension “reform”, and many other societal services to governments around the globe.

In the development of smart grids, Accenture has a collaborator, Siemens, a bird of the same feather, indeed; December 15, 2008, Siemens pled guilty and “agreed” to pay a fine of $ 395 million for corruption of officials and other malpractices in Germany, $ 450 million in U.S. The name of this association is Omnetric and its goal is to go beyond measuring energy consumption, to improve integration of applications and data-analysis systems. These goals cover operation centers, its employees, and further to any consumer, making them, willing or not, a participant in their own mining. What should be protected is not and that’s not in the sales pitch.

An Ecosystem?  

International Data Corporation (IDC) describes Accenture as a “leader in governance, risk management, Systems Integration technologies and cloud platform hosting services” for which it announced in April 2013 an investment of $ 400 million over three years. Accenture is to install the hardware and software following IP protocol of the Cisco Smart Grid Ecosystem at H.Q. Accenture and Landis + Gyr, which provides the smart meters, are members of C.S.G.E.. This protocol is used to establish a common language in the development of products for industrial Internet, from a smart meter, a toothbrush, the fridge, the door lock, the car or Bill Gates’s chip implants, revealing our every use/touch of anything of interest to industrial and financial entities, and so much more intimately than that (the NSA, but that is a topic to be covered in part 3). The project/wet dream of your corporate rulers is to program humanity as an ecosystem* where the environment is learning our habits to predict our actions and “needs” to provide us with products or make decisions for us, when it does not create them.

When a citizen chooses to participate in a cult, as some H.Q. high-profile employees did in the past, or dance into greed or leap into drunkenness, we respect his choice as his esoteric activities do not irradiate our bedroom or give him access to any other sanctuary. But, this ecosystem does not allow room for free will and in the specs manual of the Focus AX that H.Q. imposes upon us, Landis + Gyr says the meter is designed to easily adapt to smart-grid technologies. In other words, it will adapt to the evolution of systems integration and data-analysis applications. The sky is the limit, kids.

In mid-January the corporate media networks, specializing in smart meters, and, were ecstatic at the news of the purchase of NEST by Google Labs. NEST produces a thermostat equipped with sensors that studies the habits of consumers and the environment and which upgrades automatically. It is part of the smart-grid ecosystem generating its data on your habits and the conditions in your home, suggesting insulation products, for example. But that is only the barest beginning, and the arrival of this hyperactive creator of Big Bang Disruptors in utilitarian objects residences, promises further and rapid technological developments generating profits already making investors salivate like a pedophile at Disney World.

* for economic system

Right Consumer Education–Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right!

Roll-out is a military term used by the industry, which tells us all about the spirit of the implementation of smart grids. For the roll-out to be a success, they need all the humans in the sheep pen, they are creating and they need all of them to be fully committed and involved, unaware that they live and die in a dystopian nightmare. So, SmartEnergy IP devised a model of education of the consumer smart grid for executive power, industrial, suppliers and other interested industry partners.

Remember the Blonde Beside the Buick?

The industry repeats ad nauseam the same mantra. Smart this! Smart that? Here, we have it. A dumbing-down tactic, most typical of dishonest marketing communication. You’ll believe that war is peace and that it is ‘smart’ to rely on them to organize every aspect of your life. And your death, womb to the tomb.

Under the Wolves’ Skin

Voila. The wolves’ design on the future of humanity, in accordance with its predatory paradigm, naturally. Now, he stands right there, naked. Revealing its big banks greedy face, covered by industry’s immoral but gleaming fur. Will you be his sheep?

At this stage, based on the facts we have today, elected officials can regulate radio-frequencies emissions on their territory for health-precautionary principles and reject the installation of smart meters or other microwave infrastructure. Governments can just stop this madness by a swift stroke of a pen. But, it doesn’t come as easy as it should. Why not?

Remember, this is a worldwide project. The industry leads, but much more prominent are the financiers, those that print money out of thin air, debt slavery to governments, powerful weapons to impose their agenda. Fearful and that is a great tool for belief, and believers, governments are, they know whom they serve. But who would trust any enslaved human or compromised representative of one sovereign interests, to appropriately move on by their own free will if they have sold the right to it?

Here, the serf like Gouvernement du Quebec and the esoteric Hydro-Quebec bowed with enthusiasm to the dictates of the predator and went in a frenzy to get their copy of the Smart Grid Customer Education Model, as greedy men at a free lunch.

Scarce Time Before Time-Out 

The corporate problem is, as people, you are numerous. “That is why they are building this technologic sheep pen“, you’ll tell me.


They acknowledge full well their soft spot, well aware that your number is a tremendous weapon compare to their lies, hypocrisies and fiat monies, which are the power of the weak.

Because of that, they are like wolves hiding in the trees.

Bear in mind that you are near the end of the hunt, of being penned and fattened for a dinner.

Understand that they are always in a panic mood, challenging the law of gravity without success since centuries.

Now, that you know the potential of your own power, what will you do?

Take them by surprise. Do it alone or as a group.

But, act quickly! Can’t you smell their breath?

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Smart Meters, The Meshed Network

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Smart Meters, The Meshed Network

Global Smart Meters Roll-Out And Serfdom Of Humanity

Part 2






A look at smart cities around the world Conference in North Carolina in May…

Energy Central’s Smart Cities 2015 conference May 12-13, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for our voices to be heard….media take note!……Sandaura

A look at smart cities around the world

Europe, Asia very active

Tim Probert | Feb 26, 2015

The smart city is a somewhat nebulous concept. There is no absolute definition, but rather a process or series of steps by which cities become more livable, resilient and able to respond quicker to new challenges.

In its latest report, IHS Technology defines a smart city as one that has deployed, or is currently piloting the integration of, information and communications technology (ICT) solutions across three or more sectors—energy, transport, physical infrastructure, governance and safety/security functions—to improve efficiency, manage complexity and enhance citizen quality of life. IHS expects there will be at least 88 smart cities worldwide by 2025, up from 21.

IHS forecasts annual investment on smart city projects will rise from the current $1 billion to $12 billion in 2025. Other smart city forecasts tend to be broader in their definitions. Navigant Research forecasts global smart city technology revenue will grow from $8.8 billion annually in 2014 to $27.5 billion in 2023, while Frost & Sullivan expects the global smart city market will be valued at $1.565 trillion in 2020.

While most analysts say a city with smart meters does not alone make it smart, the European Union (EU) classifies 240 of the 468 cities in the 28-nation bloc with 100,000+ inhabitants and at least one smart city characteristic as smart cities. The European Commission identifies Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Manchester (UK) and Vienna (Austria) as “the most successful” in the EU.

Due to binding environmental targets, there tends to be a green focus in Europe when augmenting existing infrastructure with smart technology. In Copenhagen, for example, sensors are attached to bicycles to detect CO and NOx levels, while in Spain’s Santander, soil-humidity sensors detect when land requires irrigating to reduce unnecessary use of water.

In January, the Commission launched its Grow Smarter program, demonstrating 12 smart city solutions, including systems to optimize transport management and integrate renewables with urban power grids. The five-year program is being driven by three ‘lighthouse’ cities—Stockholm, Barcelona and Cologne—that have five ‘follower’ cities—Graz (Austria), Suceava (Romania), Valetta (Malta), Porto (Portugal), Cork (Ireland) —which will learn from these demonstration areas.

While the combined Europe-Middle East-Africa (EMEA) region represents the largest number of smart cities at present, within a decade Asia-Pacific will take the lead, says IHS.  By 2025, Asia-Pacific will account for 32 smart cities by 2025, Europe will have 31, and the Americas will contribute 25.

India is perhaps the one to watch. In July, India’s new Prime Minister Nahendra Modi announced plans to build 100 smart cities, including seven along the $90 billion Delhi–Mumbai Industrial Corridor, using a mixture of public–private partnerships (80%) and publicly-funded infrastructure investment (20%). One city already under construction is the $10 billion Gujarat International Finance Tec-City.

China, too, is pursuing a smart cities strategy as part of its efforts to stimulate economic development and eradicate poverty. This strategy involves at least 54 smart city projects, and includes cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Wuhan, who are aiming to build smart cities during the 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015).

In Japan, the national government has selected 13 locations for its Eco-Model Cities (EMC) scheme. This includes four major cities—Kitakyushu, Kyoto, Sakai, Yokohama—plus nine further small and medium cities.

Yokohama’s smart city project, for example, includes 165,600 households focused on large-scale introduction of renewable energy through home energy management systems. One of the smaller EMCs, Toyota, has introduced a plug-in hybrid car sharing system and solar-powered recharging infrastructure, as well as a tax break whereby citizens who build smart houses or to convert their current residences into eco-friendly ones are exempted from half of the municipal real estate tax for three years.

Perhaps the world’s most famous smart city is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and its James Bond-esque mission control Centro de Operações Preifetura do Rio de Janeiro (COR). COR monitors the municipality’s 30 departments and private suppliers in a single monitoring room, tracking real-time conditions in the city via 1,000 traffic and surveillance cameras.

Other cities have similar projects. Madrid has one control room for police, fire and ambulance services, for example. But none are as big as Rio’s. Built by IBM for $5.4m, an 80-meter wall monitor is broken into a grid of status graphs, meteorological reports, live video feeds from the cameras, plus Google satellite and street maps. This ‘smart map’ enables 120 layers of information, such as the present location of every bus in the city.

Progress in Africa is slower than elsewhere, but notable projects include Kenya’s Konza Techno City, 60km away from Nairobi in the so-called “Silicon Savannah,” plus Hope City in Ghana. Meanwhile, IBM is establishing its twelfth global laboratory in Nairobi and has included South Africa’s Durban and Nigeria’s Abuja in its Smarter Cities Challenge.

Of course, it is inherently easier to co-ordinate a smart city from scratch. Notable greenfield sites include Songdo City, a $20-40 billion development for a 500,000-person city built on reclaimed land by the Yellow Sea in South Korea; Masdar City in Abu Dhabi; and PlanIT Valley, a $10 billion project near Porto planned to accommodate 225,000 citizens in an area the size of downtown Boston.  While some emerging countries are developing smart cities from the ground up, Armenia is perhaps stretching the game too far by branding its entire nation as a “Smart Country.”

Tim Probert is a London-based freelance writer with a focus on European power markets and new smart grid technology. He helms Millicent Media and can be reached at

Read more on this subject by diving into our smart cities issue.

Download the full issue here:

Learn how smart metering and other more intelligent tech is helping drive the smart cities movement around the world. Save the date for Energy Central’s Smart Cities 2015 conference May 12-13, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Learn more at

Grow Q&A: Smart Meter Buzzkill


Grow Q&A: Smart Meter Buzzkill

By Danny Danko · Tue Feb 24, 2015

Grow Q&A: Smart Meter Buzzkill

Dear Dan,
In the Central Valley of California, our energy provider is removing the old type electric meters and installing what they call “smart meters.” This gives them real-time info on power usage (exactly when usage starts and how much is used) all in the guise of saving energy. Seems like a big problem for indoor growing as it makes it easy for them to spot 18- or 12-hour power spikes every day. My question is: how do we grow inside and not raise any red flags? Even keeping the wattage low won’t stop them from spotting usage trends. I hope you can help us in this matter. Big Brother strikes again it seems! – Big B in Madera, CA       

Dear Big B,
I’m going to assume you are growing for recreational purposes because medical marijuana growers in California are protected from prying eyes and harassment. Perhaps you could look into becoming a caregiver for a needy patient? I’ve even heard of some electric companies giving discounts to registered growers.

If that’s not possible, your other option is to alternate your grow-lights between ballasts so that the meter never stops and there are no trends to spot. This requires two flowering rooms set on opposing light/dark schedules. The bulbs in one room are on while in the other room their counterparts are off. Every 12 hours, the timer on the ballast flipper switches between lights, running them two bulbs for each ballast instead of one. Many people have wood shops and other hobbies that raise their bills without raising red flags. As long as you pay your bills regularly, most companies turn a fairly blind eye to increased usage.

Then again, the best option is to grow bigger plants outside and forgo the electrical grid altogether. Most people in your area have some yard space or land where they could put an opaque greenhouse and let the sun do the work for them. With a caregiver’s license and a small plot of land, you might be surprised how much more you can accomplish in the great outdoors.

Have a grow question? Ask away at

BA legislator’s bill allowing people to refuse ‘smart meters’ clears House committee

BA legislator’s bill allowing people to refuse ‘smart meters’ clears House committee


The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein


For those who understand the dark hole we are in; it is time you learn as much as possible about the Smart Grid Program.  No one in Government is looking out for you or your family.  We are alone and the only way we have a chance to gain our freedom back is to understand that everything you have been fed by institutions are lies.   The revolution has to come from the inside out meaning we will not see decisions made for the benefit of humanity until there is a Spiritual/intellectual awakening in the majority of the population and we can do this without war or revolution of violence.   Things are not going our way and they have not for a long, long time.  Things are not lining up and they will not.  Your freedom is an illusion created by mentally deranged, evil few.   The United States is a privately owned corporation and all we are to these clowns are a commodity.  We are consumers.  Do you ever see us referred to anything else?  Look at the documents discussing us in relationship to the smart grid program.  They refer to us as “CONSUMERS”, not human beings. ALL BUSINESS, COMMERCE.  None of this is personal, because that would humanize us.   Actual living and breathing beings who deserve to be protected. Our health should be a main consideration and how all this harmful RF/emf radiation is hurting us.  This is why people are questioning what is going on and why it continues to be so insane and chaotic. We are running out of time.  Do you want your children to be left with this mess?  We will not get answers, resolutions or validation from these robots who simply carry out the orders of the few who are actually in control.

The Smart Meter Radiation is going to kill everyone.  Our land will be taken. Our water will be scarce and owned like gold. We will be hurded into designated living areas.  The upside for those who will continue to be distracted and apathetic; you will still have your TV……Sandaura


The Brainwashing of America

Americans have been brainwashed into believing that their government will care for them in their time of need. Has this time in American history been foretold? I believe that it has, and that H. G. Wells was the prophetic messenger of the New World Order.

Wells actually understood a concept that modern day psychologists refer to as learned helplessness and he wrote about it in his book, The Time Machine, which was originally published in 1895 and was later made into a 1960 hit movie by the same name. The book prophetically told of a time in the distant future where the “normal” inhabitants of the earth would be docile and passive and would suffer from the condition that modern day psychologists refer to as “learned helplessness.” What is learned helplessness?

– See more at:


PRESS RELEASE February 14, 2015


Education on Smart Meter Technology


Pennsylvanians are ANGRY! Awakened citizens are opposed to the implementation of intrusive devices  called Smart Meters, set forth by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) through PA Act 129

— a law that was stealthily designed by our government to invade our privacy, mine our personal data,  control and regulate our energy consumption, increase our electric bills, subject us to a potential  fire-hazard, and intensify our exposure to potentially unhealthy levels of electromagnetic  frequencies (EMF). All this without the expressed PERMISSION of Pennsylvania citizens!

PA ACT 129: Enacted in 2008, this law expanded the PUC’s oversight responsibilities and imposed new  requirements on electric companies, with the overall goal of reducing energy consumption and peak  electric demand. Why – is there a problem? Why should we reduce our consumption? Is there an actual  and identifiable difficulty, or is this a capricious exercise in public domination? The pattern of control is  repetitive; it starts with passing laws furtively under suspicious rationale, authorizes the adoption of  objectionable technology, and then ends with massive deployment of a “good for you” program!

The PUC is implementing Act 129 in phases. Pennsylvania electric companies are mandated to install  Smart Meter technology at homes and businesses according to a 15-year schedule. Why? This is clearly  an imposition not requested by consumers. Like other states, Pennsylvania has since become a  battleground where grass-root groups of awakened citizens are fighting against the deployment of Smart  Meters. The government should not be imposing such a mandate on residents; this should be optional  for the consumer. Many rightfully view the installation requirement a case of government over-reaching  into consumer decision-making. Read on, it gets worse.

SMART METERS: A Smart Meter is a meter installed by your local electric company to replace your  perfectly functioning analog meter. A Smart Meter uses Radio Frequency (RF) waves, which are  electromagnetic fields. The Smart Meter, with RFID technology is able to record your electric usage on a  continuous basis, communicating this information in real time directly to a central location. In addition,  central operators can communicate in real time directly with the meter itself. So usage data is electronic,  continuously extracted, recorded in real time at a remote location, with utility personnel able to remotely  operate your electric meter. To make matters worse, all new appliances such as refrigerators,  dishwashers, TV, clothes washer, clothes dryer, etc., contain an RFID Chip that can communicate with a  Smart Meter. This whole system, using RFID Chips for 2-way communication between your appliances  and Smart Meters, has been cleverly designed to give your utility company the ability to:

*ü Remotely turn your meter ON and OFF

*ü Remotely turn a specific appliance OFF  *ü Harvest data to determine the gross and specific electric usage of your home  *ü Extract a constant detail of electric usage in your home (when, how much, and for what)  *ü Know what devices are being used in your home (TV, Dishwasher, Computer, etc.)  *ü Know when devices are being used in your home

IMPLICATIONS: Your electric company is able to and will mine your usage data. It can invade your  privacy by creating a portfolio of your lifestyle habits, and know when you are away from home, etc.

Invasion of privacy is a criminal offense, right? Because Smart Meters operate by RF waves, your  personal and property safety is compromised when hackers peer into your private information to  determine when you are away from home. Electronic eavesdropping can become a consequence of  Smart Meters. Your electric company can pass your information onto third parties such as government  agencies and insurance companies.

Electric companies are establishing peak usage hours with associated higher costs. Your costs will  increase when you use an appliance during peak times. In fact, excessive billing has occurred from  Smart Meters. This is what it means to “reduce energy consumption and peak electric demand.”

They can control your consumption by shutting off your electricity, or regulate your consumption by  shutting down a specific appliance.

Smart Meters are not UL certified! They have not undergone independent safety testing that is required  of all other electric devices. Where Smart Meters have been installed, there has been increasing concern  over the meters combusting into flames, resulting into major fire damage. PECO actually stopped  installation for a period of time due to these fires.

Smart Meters operate with the same electromagnetic frequency (EMF) used in all wireless devices that  we are increasingly becoming concerned about due to its cumulative adverse effects on our health. In  fact, because Smart Meters can adversely affect your physical health in an exponential manner, the  actual amount of EMF broadcast from the new meters has been greatly downplayed by the utility  companies. Tests have shown that Smart Meter readings are taking place every few minutes 24/7.

Because of the RF network necessary for Smart Meters to operate, the range of the RF waves is very  strong and is designed to travel long distances. Smart Meters are designed to communicate with all ‘smart technology’ in the home, so the waves penetrate walls and windows. It has been reported that  Smart Meters have interfered with medical equipment (i.e., monitors, pace-makers, c-pap equipment,  wireless insulin pumps, pain pumps, ventilators), baby monitors, garage door openers, routers, Wi-Fi  equipment, etc.

Widespread physical ailments caused by Smart Meters have been reported as well:

Insomnia, agitation, headaches, dizziness, ringing in ears, nervous system effects, and leukemia. Such  amount and intense exposure to EMF is particularly harmful to pregnant mothers and young children.

Who benefits? It appears that the utility companies benefit from increased profits and an accompanying  decrease in payroll from cutting meter readers. They are embarking on a monstrous act of deception,  and the forcible manner of Smart Meter deployment is indistinguishable from extortion.


LEGISLATIVE SPONSOR & BILLS: Three bills were introduced in the PA State Legislature’s Consumer  Affairs Committee. These bills served to address issues stemming from PA Act 129. The main sponsor of  these bills was PA State Rep. Mike Reese. House Bill 899 was intended to repeal the Smart Meter  mandate. House Bill 902 was intended for a consumer Opt-Out of Smart Meters. House Bill 906 was  intended for consumer consent before sharing Smart Meter information with third parties.


LEGISLATIVE SPONSOR & Bills: PA State Rep. Mike Reese announced January 14th & 15th that he  intended to introduce all three bills once again (HB-899, HB-902, HB-906), while also adding a fourth  new bill that would encompass all three issues, in the PA State Legislature. Reese put out a  memorandum looking for additional co-sponsors for such bills. Monday February 9th, Rep. Mike Reese  and his co-sponsors introduced four Smart Meter bills into the Consumer Affairs Committee as follows:

HOUSE BILL 393: Repeal Smart Meter Mandate (printer no. 430) – No government body should  mandate the usage of any technology because it jeopardizes common principles of supply and demand.

This law would remove language that requires electric companies to provide smart meters, while still  allowing them to offer the technology. The following members served as co-sponsors: REESE, BARRAR,  BLOOM, DeLUCA, DIAMOND, DUNBAR, DUSH, EMRICK, EVANKOVICH, GABLER, GILLEN,  A. HARRIS, JAMES, KAUFFMAN, MALONEY, MARSHALL, METCALFE, METZGAR, MUSTIO,  PETRARCA, PICKETT, REGAN, SACCONE, SAYLOR, SNYDER, SONNEY, and TALLMAN.

HOUSE BILL 394: Consumer Opt-Out Smart Meter Usage (printer no. 431) – This law would (1)  provide consumers the ability to “opt-out” of receiving a Smart Meter and (2) require the Pennsylvania  Utility Commission to create a fair surcharge system that would be paid by consumers. This is similar to  laws recently passed in Maine, Nevada, and California. The following members served as co-sponsors:


HOUSE BILL 395: Consumer Consent to Share Smart Meter Information (printer no. 432) – This law  would ensure that customer consent is required before information gathered by the Smart Meter  technology can be shared with government agencies. The following members served as cosponsors:


HOUSE BILL 396: Combines All Three Proposals – This law combines all three proposals into one.



*ü Contact your PA State Representative and educate him/her about Smart Meters (use this press release).

*ü Get your PA State Rep. to co-sponsor the legislation NOW.

*ü Educate yourself: ……….& GET INVOLVED!

Note: In researching bills listed in this press release, please be advised to look for the “printer number” of a bill, or the latest  version of the suggested bill. Also be aware that when there is a re-introducing of an older bill (such may be the case with HB-  899, HB-902, HB-906) from 2013/2014, the newer 2015 version may have a newly associated Bill number.

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Former California Public Utilities Commission President Loretta Lynch speaks out!

“Rogue Agency” – Protesting Peevey’s (ex parte) Party

Published on Feb 21, 2015

On February 12, 2015, dozens of the closest elite friends of out-going CPUC President Michael Peevey’s paid $250 per plate to gather at the posh Julia Morgan Ballroom in downtown San Francisco in celebration of Mr. Peevey’s ‘lifetime accomplishments.’

Greeting them at the door were protestors – including Loretta Lynch, his predecessor as Commission President. They came not to celebrate, but to condemn and expose the culture of corruption Peevey’s 12 year reign has left behind.

Speakers include former California Public Utilities Commission President Loretta Lynch; Ray Lutz of; EON’s Mary Beth Brangan; Steve Zeltzer of the Labor Video Project; and San Diego attorney Mike Aguirre.


Honestly, what is wrong with this picture?  Citizens are not able to protect themselves, their families from the Smart Meter, microwave pulsed,radiation!!!  This is happening America……WAKE UP!!!……Sandaura


Alamo Heights makes decision on smart meters amendment

Posted TODAY, 3:36 AMUpdated TODAY, 3:37 AM
SAN ANTONIOA push to amend the Alamo Heights city charter to allow residents to opt out of CPS Energy’s Smart Meters failed.
The Alamo Heights city attorney said Monday night if a special election were called it would ultimately lead to a legal battle with CPS Energy and that would be costly.

Alamo Heights resident John Joseph said the decision was disappointing.

Going door-to-door the people collecting signatures found about 80 percent of the homes they visited were against smart meters,” said Joseph.

CPS Energy does allow customers to opt out of the smart meters, but there are certain requirements that have to be met.

TESLA-the world’s first Electro Hyper Sensitive and Wireless Radiation Stimulus Addiction Case.


OPINION: Response to Mr. Modisette and Other Supporters of Smart Meters

Nikola Tesla, the inventor of both Alternating Current Electrical Power and Wireless Communication — both of which are now identified as carcinogenic, psychotropic and immune suppressive, and the causes of the now epidemic Electro-Sensitization phenomenon — was also the world’s first Electro Hyper Sensitive and Wireless Radiation Stimulus Addiction Case.

Scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, prior to electrosensitization.

In his own words, “I just don’t feel right if I’m not in a 50,000 volt EMF field (electro-magnetic field)” — with which he dosed himself daily for most of his adult life (due to chronic fatigue, paranoia and mental impairment… all classic red flag symptoms of Electro-Sensitization.)

Had he actually been the ‘Genius of EMF’ (which Thomas Edison was… not Tesla) he would have immediately realized the biological effects of what he was working with, instead of filing for patent to sell them to Westinghouse and GE.

The world of Physics is an anathema to most, and an intellectual impossibility to many. Bio-Physics? Forget it.

Physics and the study of Electro-Magnetics — leading to modern electronics (WIFI, cell phones and smart meters, and don’t forget HAARP and the Air Force Chem trail radar in the spray planes overhead as you read this) — came from science developed with metals and silicon: inanimate objects. It’s sophisticated, complex, proven accurate — but only for inanimate objects. Obviously, that’s where it came from. That’s also where it should stay. The unfortunate problem is: it radiates… even while you sleep.

Bio-Physics, by contrast, is the study of electro-magnetics applied not to inanimate objects but to biological life forms. That would be you and me, and Jerry Modisette and LPEA and Mike Dreyspring, and bunnies, lemmings and packrats. A few birds… the ones that are left. The bees, of course, are nearly all gone. Cell towers, and Smart Meters; WIFI here, there, and everywhere.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the effects of EMF on life are quite different than their effects on aluminum and sand. (Although I actually do have work on the Heat of Reentry Study for the Mariner Space Module at Ames Research Laboratory, Palo Alto for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in my resume.)

Stunningly LPEA, CEO Mike Dreyspring, and Mr. Modisette (certainly not a bio-physicist among the lot) are not, as far as we know, cognizant of this field and the 9,000 peer reviewed medical journal publications which scream adamantly against both cell phones and wireless smart meters (don’t forget to turn your WIFI off when not in use, and dump it for ethernet ASAP…or you’ll definitely end up looking like Nikola Tesla, who invented them). Reason is simple. LPEA strings copper wires and installs aluminum/silicon wireless smart meters, jacks your power bill, takes your tax money Stimulus Payments for doing it and spends a good wad of it on covering up those nasty troublesome Bio-Physics reports. Business as usual down at corporate U.

The physics of your wireless LPEA smart meter might be easiest understood to those of you not versed in EMF Field theory (whose calculations and conclusions Mr. Modisette takes for a very interesting waltz around a convoluted block) by the fact that 2 1/2 times every minute the cell phone card in the meter not only fires your personal profile information back to headquarters, but also charges the W.H.O.-recognized ‘2B Carcinogenic’ radiation (the same cancer risk as the HIV virus) through every wire in your house, or office, or school, or athletic club. Athletic club? Yup.

It isn’t rocket science to understand that this electrical wiring is a massive ring in every wall in your house. And guess where you, hubby, the baby, the dog and the kitty are? You got it: in the middle of the ring. This is how we toast toast. We surround raw bread with EMF emitting wires and select the color of “Toast” we want.

Electrosensitive Gary Lee Duncan.

I can go on for hours about the known effects of EMF on biological life forms. I’m happy to do just that. I’m in Durango (which sports the highest street level of wireless radiation in Western Colorado) several times a year. Coffee is cheap. Bring your very large note pad. I am happy to share medical journal studies, EMF calculations, Acoustimeter demonstrations. I’m also free. Some very rich people know for sure I’m not crazy, and aren’t bashful about the checks they write to support this work. They’re also electro-sensitive. That’s why I can give this away… and have, for 20 years.

The reason I know all of this — because when I left NASA, believe me, I hoped I was through with rocket science — is that I wasn’t. For the past 20 years I’ve been a severe and completely disabled Electro-Sensitive; a Refugee, literally. I live off-the-grid with no resources, isolated from most of society deep in the heart of Bumfuk, Egypt. It’s the only way I sleep and remove the excruciating pain of wireless radiation. I’d be dead if I didn’t. Most, who didn’t listen back then, now are. Dead, that is.

If you want to end up like this… keep the damned smart meter and pay LPEA whatever they say.

If you don’t, then fire LPEA CEO Mike Dreyspring, mandate LPEA Board elections to bring representation into conformance with Archuleta and LaPlata county demography and intelligence regarding Bio-Physics (while you’re at it, make sure half the board members are female and there’s at least one representative of the Native American contingency indigenous to the service area) and get a director who knows what the facts are and will quit the coverup that My Little Cousin Greg (Munro) started… and get health and sanity back onto the streets of these burgs.

Or not. There’s actually plenty of room out here. No plumbing, wiring, fire protection, police, neighbors… looks to me like the baby Diamond Backs are coming out early this year. Entertainment is cheap here. Tons of time to teach you Bio-Physics… also free.

When the Smart Meters went into Pagosa last year… my case load, servicing new electrosensitives in the area, quadrupled. It ain’t over yet. Be talking to you soon I’m sure… unless…

Don’t buy into the phony spin-spam that Mr. Modisette and LPEA like to bend Bio-Physics into. You know better. So does toast.

Gary Lee Duncan

Gary Duncan was a touring songwriter, successful builder and architectural designer until environmental illness (electrosensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity) rendered him unable to work or perform. He now posts to his website

Michigan-Rep. Yanez hears concerns about ‘smart meters’ at Sterling Heights meeting

“We’re not saying that people aren’t experiencing health issues, and we certainly feel for those people…… This is what you call; talking through both sides of your mouth….or simply…lying to the public.  Yes, people are getting sick as a direct result of the smart meter on the home.  There is still an impact without a smart meter, which is, dirty electricity that is riding on the wires into every home in America due to the PLC and TWAC.  So the RF pulsed modulated signals injected into the wires are causing high radiation levels as well.  They cannot say the technology is safe, so they say this cannot be proven.  Of course, it is  a lie to state it cannot be proven.  The fact, that they are admitting  that people are experiencing health issues is huge, but trying to discredit this statement by saying, it can’t be proven…. So, these people are imagining these symptoms?  We are the guinea pigs and it is obvious health and safety is not their agenda.  Power, control and profit is the bottom line…Sandaura

Rep. Yanez hears concerns about ‘smart meters’ at Sterling Heights meeting

State Rep. Henry Yanez and the Michigan Public Service Commission hosted a meeting Feb. 13 to discuss Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or smart meters. Sean Delaney–For The Macomb Daily

By SEAN DELANEY, For The Macomb Daily

Posted: 02/24/15, 8:57 AM EST |

There were many concerns voiced about the installation of “smart meters” on residential homes during a public forum earlier this month at the Sterling Heights Public Library, but issues of health, safety and privacy topped the list.

“This is a complicated issue,” said State Rep. Henry Yanez, who hosted the meeting in cooperation with Sterling Heights and the Michigan Public Service Commission after concerns about the Advanced Metering Infrastructure meters were raised at recent City Council meetings.

Unlike traditional electric meters that merely record power use — and then must be read in-person once a month by a meter reader — smart meters measure consumption in real time. By being networked to computers in electric utilities, the new meters can signal people or their appliances to take certain actions, such as reducing power usage when electricity prices spike.

But the fact the smart meters are interactive also makes them vulnerable to hackers, because each meter essentially is a computer connected to a vast network that some argue will be used to monitor residents’ activities.

“We’ve heard concerns from our constituents in communities like Sterling Heights for a number of years about the deployment of smart meters,” said Michael Byrne, legislative liaison for the MPSC. “In response, the MPSC launched an investigation in 2012 on a number of issues related to smart meters, including privacy. As part of that investigation, we took a look at the type of data the utilities would be collecting and their practices for handling that data. The fact is companies have had sensitive customer information that they’ve collected for years, prior to the deployment of smart meters.”

Byrne, who participated in the discussion via speaker phone, argued that the data collected via smart meters would be used by utility companies to determine how much electricity a customer is using, not what they’re using it for or why.

“The information that is transmitted over the wireless network back to the utility company doesn’t tell about a specific appliance that’s being used or what kind of activities a customer is doing,” he said. “It only transmits data about how much electricity is being consumed at that time.”

In addition to privacy, several Macomb County residents who oppose the installation of smart meters on their homes argued that the devices represent a health hazard, noting that other communities have reportedly banned the meters after residents who had the devices installed became ill.

“We’re not saying that people aren’t experiencing health issues, and we certainly feel for those people, but at the same time there’s no ability to actually prove that there is some sort of scientific link between the two (illness and smart meters),” Byrne said. “But even with that being said, the MPSC is requiring the utility companies to offer some kind of opt-out option. It’s a cost-based option, but it’s there for customers who would rather not have the wireless transmission take place on their meters.”

According to Sterling Heights City Manager Mark Vanderpool, the opt-out program provides residential utility customers with an option of having a non-transmitting digital meter installed at a cost of $67.20 for the AMI opt-out initial fee, plus $9.80 per month for the opt-out monthly charge.

“There is a cost associated with having the non-upgraded meter installed; the most obvious of which is that you would still need to have a meter reader come around once a month to determine how much electricity had been used,” Byrne said. “And at some point in the future, it’s likely that utility companies will replace all analog meters with the AMI meters because that is the direction that the business is going in.”

However, some residents who attended the Feb. 13 meeting argued that they shouldn’t be forced to accept a smart meter if they don’t want one, with some noting that the device could present a fire hazard if it malfunctions.

Byrne denied the allegation, noting that the MPSC has not found any issues relating to potential fire hazards.

“When it comes to wiring inside the home, I think the meter itself is just a mechanism to be able to try to determine how much electricity has been consumed by a customer,” he said. “As far as we understand, installing a smart meter versus a traditional analog meter doesn’t have any impact on the wiring inside the home.”

Byrne also noted that, as the meter is the property of the utility company, they are free to upgrade it or remove it as they choose.

“Metering equipment is necessary as a condition of receiving gas or electric service,” Byrne said. “It’s property that is owned by the utility company, so when you sign up for electrical service, you consent to allow the utility company access to your property to read the meters, install new equipment and to make sure that the service can be distributed to the residents.”

Yanez pledged to look into the issue, and Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor said the city would continue to work with residents to find a solution that was agreeable to both sides.

“We are going to continue to work on this issue, no matter what the resolution is today,” Taylor said. “There may not be solutions as quickly as our residents want, but they should know their elected officials are working to make something happen on this issue.”

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