Former Enemalta technician jailed over smart meter rigging

Former Enemalta technician jailed over smart meter rigging

Roderick Gauci sentenced to two and a half years in prison and fined €10,000 after pleading guilty to accepting bribes to tamper electricity meters.

Matthew Agius
29 January 2015, 3:19pm

A former Enemalta technician undergoing proceedings in connection with last year’s smart meter tampering scandal has been jailed for two-and-a-half years and fined €10,000 after he admitted to accepting bribes to tamper electricity meters.

48-year old Richard Gauci, from Rabat, had been due to appear in court today for the ongoing compilation of evidence against him. However, once in court, Gauci instead pleaded guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Carol Peralta heard Gauci admit to accusations of accepting bribes for the installation of meters. He is expected to have pocketed an average of €1,200 for each installation.

Peralta solemnly warned Gauci that pleading guilty would have grave consequences, but the man reiterated his plea.

Gauci was sentenced to two and a half years in prison and fined €10,000. A temporary freezing order over his assets was also put in place pending payment of the fine. Gauci was also placed under a perpetual general interdiction.

The case against other former Enemalta employees who are also charged with the same crime will continue.

Police Inspectors Daniel and Roderick Zammit prosecuted. Lawyer Joe Sammut defended Gauci.

Similar to Worcester, MA Pilot-Not a Savings to the Customer-NO REGARD TO SMART METER HEALTH ISSUES

San Francisco Bay Area Utility Announces Smart Meter Program

San Francisco Bay Area Utility Announces Smart Meter Program Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) has launched a smart meter pilot project to integrate advanced meters in Alameda’s 300 largest businesses. The pilot is designed to review business processes and technology and there will be no charge to customers having the new meters installed. A small residential pilot with 135 participating homes is also being developed

AMP’s general manager Glenn Steiger says, “Advanced meter technology is necessary to help modernize Alameda’s electric infrastructure to prepare for the future. It will also facilitate the widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and integration of solar photovoltaics, as well as potential new variable pricing options for electricity. Ultimately, this technology will allow our customers to have many new choices for energy applications and interaction with AMP.”

The estimated cost of setting up the meters is between $10 and $12 million. AMP reports that a complete conversion is 24 months to 30 months away.

AMP spokesperson Rebecca Irwin told The Alamedan, “Advanced meters will help us monitor the Island’s entire load more closely, but they will also help customers see their usage in real-time along with the current price being charged for that power – which could be an incentive to turn off some lights or appliances.”

The project is part of an initiative to upgrade Alameda’s electric grid to improve the reliability, efficiency and security of electric services provided to customers. The City of Alameda is located east of San Francisco. AMP services approximately 34,000 customers.

Introducing Itron’s Newest and Improved “Death Trap”

This is what National Grid attached to our home in September of 2006.  The ID numbers are identical.  The only difference would be to assume the 4G network was not in place in 2006.  The broader coverage they speak of is high radiation levels; just more of it!! The 3G made us sick.  They just won’t stop will they?….Sandaura

Itron Introduced New Smart Meter Solution

Itron Introduced New Smart Meter Solution Itron has launched a new smart metering solution that features the OpenWay CENTRON 4G LTE meter, which provides broad territory coverage, low latency, and network longevity. The OpenWay smart grid solution enables utilities to deploy any combination of cellular and RF mesh communications, including 4G LTE, all under the same network management system.

According to Itron, “4G LTE communication is particularly useful for hard-to-reach locations or territories or for opt-in scenarios. Due to the low latency of the 4G LTE network, the new solution is also a good option for DA/SCADA applications or utilizing smart meters as grid sensors to monitor distribution system conditions.”

Jeff Carkhuff, Itron vice president of global solutions marketing for electricity explains, “Itron is pleased to announce its first 4G LTE smart metering solution. With this new solution, we answer our customers’ needs for fast, reliable and flexible communications. In addition, with the support of Sierra Wireless and Verizon, we are able to deliver a 4G LTE solution that is cost-effective and provides longer term investment protection by utilizing the latest wireless technology platform. With the industry’s broadest portfolio of software, communications and measurement technology, Itron has the ability to adapt our solutions to utilities’ unique needs. All with the goal of enabling our customers to operate more efficiently and create a more resourceful world.”

Verizon Enterprise Solutions managing director, energy and utilities practice Michael Brander adds: “By enabling Itron’s OpenWay CENTRON 4G LTE smart meter to run on Verizon’s 4G LTE and intelligent IP networks, we are helping to make the electric grid the smart grid of tomorrow. Collaborating with companies like Itron to enable the possibilities of the smart grid is yet another step in how the industry is moving the Internet of Things (IoT) forward.”

T solution will be commercially available by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

Smart meter foe files federal lawsuit against Naperville cops

Smart meter foe files federal lawsuit against Naperville cops