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Smart Meters

What are smart meters?

To use (and be billed for) utilities such as electricity, natural gas, or water, the amount you use must be measured. This is generally done with a meter. In the past, the data from the meters had to be read by a person. More recently, meters that automatically send usage information back to the product supplier have been used. These are called smart meters.   Sounds so innocent, but it is not.  The hook the utilities used to the consumer was “This is going to save the consumer money” This has been proven to be not true.  This is making a very small percentage of our global population, billions of blood money dollars…Sandaura

Smart meters have been used for a number of years in some developed countries, especially in parts of Europe. In recent years, they have been installed in some areas of the United States as well. We are not simply talking about smart meters here.  We are talking about an antenna array that is now global.  The power grid is one central nervous system broadcasting an illegal pure tone(s) signals and radiation, ubiquitously into our air and every private and public building in its path. There is no defense against this hazard.  It is now a weapon of mass destruction directed at all living things….Sandaura

Concerns have been raised about the safety of smart meters, mainly because they give off the same kinds of radiofrequency (RF) waves as cell phones and Wi-Fi devices.  The word concern is minimizing the activism across our country and world-wide, enraged by the mandates for smart meters and Wi-Fi in our kids’ schools.  There is nothing polite about what is being forced on the public.  We are being ignored and again, there is no discussion going on.  There is a media blackout as well in regards to this topic.

How do smart meters work?

Smart meters record the amount of the product (electricity, water, etc.) consumed over time. They differ from traditional utility meters in that they are electronic and can talk to a central computer system. Yes, they differ, alright!!  These meters are “Peeping Toms” and collect personal information that knows your living habits in your home.  This is a violation of your civil and human rights. They know when you are sleeping; they know when you’re awake, so be good for goodness sake……Sandaura

Smart meters talk to their central systems using RF transmissions, based on a cell phone, pager, satellite, radio, power line (PLC), Wi-Fi or Internet (TCP/IP) communication method. Internet and cell phone applications have become the preferred options because of their flexibility and ease of deployment. The devices to manage the communication layer of the smart grid never turns off.  It is radiating 24 hours a day 365 days a year and functions on back up batteries when the grid goes down. There is no escaping or shielding from this health hazard…..Sandaura

How are people exposed?

Smart meters are typically installed outside the home, either in place of or as part of existing meters. How much RF energy that people are exposed to from the smart meter depends on how far they are from the smart meter antenna and how the smart meter sends its signal. The frequency and power of the RF waves given off by a smart meter are similar to that of a typical cell phone, cordless phone, or residential Wi-Fi router. Smart meters typically send and receive short messages about 1% of the time.  Here is another lie.  It is documented that the smart meters communicate up to 190,000 times a day.

Because the smart meter antenna usually is located outside the home, people are much farther away from the source of RF waves than some other possible sources of exposure to RF radiation, such as personal cell phones and cordless phones. In addition, walls between the person and the smart meter’s antenna further reduce the amount of RF energy exposure. This means that the amount of RF radiation that someone would be exposed to from a smart meter is probably much lower than the amount that they would be exposed to from other sources.  Don’t you love the scientific efficacy of the words to describe their formal statement, here? Maybe, somehow, probably, might, well if you have cancer, maybe you should not expose yourself to the radiation?  Fact, the smart meter is a mini cell tower and has been measured to be higher in radiation levels than when standing in front of a cell base station tower!!!….This is such a blatant insult to the intelligence of the general public…..Sandaura

Can smart meters cause cancer?

Smart meters give off RF radiation. RF radiation is low-energy radiation. RF radiation doesn’t have enough energy to remove charged particles such as electrons (ionize), and so is called non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation has enough energy to move atoms in a molecule around or cause them to vibrate, which can lead to heat but it can’t damage DNA directly.  A Tobacco Scientist, hired gun. Peter Valburg, aided the Tobacco Industry bamboozle the public for decades into believing cigarettes are benign; is now the hired gun for the Smart Grid Industry.  He has compared the smart meters to a low voltage flash light and microwave ovens!  This hack is getting paid to lie, once again to the public. The argument here and the truth is we are dealing with non-ionizing pulsed RF radiation, which is bio-active in all living things.  No one is exempt or safe from this exposure.  The risks are higher of becoming sick and even higher with those individuals, whose bodies are already comprised.  Microwave ovens do not use Pulsed RF to function; Smart Meters do!  Again, an opinion from Valburg is worthless and simply not someone you can trust and this is the best representation the utilities could find? We deserve better…Sandaura

RF radiation is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” This is based on the finding of a possible link in at least one study between cell phone use and a specific type of brain tumor. Because RF radiation is a possible carcinogen, and smart meters give off RF radiation, it is possible that smart meters could increase cancer risk. Still, it isn’t clear what risk, if any there might be from living in a home with a smart meter. Once again, another red flag, ACS. Connect the dots for God’s sake! There is a petition circulating to IARC, WHO: Move Radio Frequency Radiation from Class 2b to Class 1. Your conclusions here; are not scientific.  We deserve better than this convoluted mumble, jumble of nonsense…..Sandaura

It would be nearly impossible to conduct a study to prove or disprove a link between living in a house with smart meters and cancer because people have so many sources of exposure to RF and the level of exposure from this source is so small. Because, the amount of RF radiation you could be exposed to from a smart meter is much less than what you could be exposed to from a cell phone, it is very unlikely that living in a house with a smart meter increases risk of cancer. The World Health Organization has promised to conduct a formal assessment of the risks from RF exposure but this report is not yet available.  It is not impossible to conduct a study. The global population is now one big petri dish of guinea pigs; being exposed to smart meter radiation.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduct that an individual who wasn’t living with a smart meter was not as biologically stressed as when the mechanical meter was replaced with a two way RF transmitting meter….Sandaura

Our documents, Microwaves, Radio Waves, and Other Types of Radiofrequency Radiation and Cellular Phones have more information about the link between RF radiation and cancer risk.

Do smart meters cause any other health problems?

Smart meters have not been studied to see if they cause health problems. Studies have looked at RF radiation from other sources. Exposure to large amounts of RF radiation, as from accidents involving radar, has resulted in severe burns. No other serious health problems have been reported. Another red flag, game over. None of what the ACA should be taken seriously. What are they basing their science on? We deserve better…..Sandaura

One concern expressed is that the RF waves produced by smart meters might interfere with electronic medical devices such as a heart pacemaker. A study that examined the effect of smart meters on pacemakers and implantable defibrillators found that the smart meters did not interfere with these devices.  This is a contradiction because ACS has stated no studies have been done on the human effect of smart meters, so it is irresponsible and not founded to draw these assumptions.  Why are you ignoring the thousands of individuals who have filed complaints about the harm the smart meters are doing to them?  There is no two way discussion about this problem…Sandaura

Could smart meters cause health problems in cancer survivors?

While RF exposure might not cause cancer directly, concern has been voiced that cells in the body that have been damaged by exposure to some other substance might somehow be more likely to become cancerous when exposed to RF waves. In theory, this might be a concern for cancer patients being treated with ionizing radiation and/or medicines that might cause cancer themselves. Animal studies have not shown evidence of this and this effect has not been studied in people.  Why is the precautionary principle valid and practiced by utility industry when workers come in contact with RF exposure? There are very stringent guidelines in place to protect workers from the hazards of RF radiation….Sandaura

How can I reduce my exposure to RF radiation from smart meters?

There isn’t much you can do to lower your exposure to RF radiation from smart meters. In some places where smart meters are being installed, people have the choice to opt in or opt out of having them, but this isn’t an option everywhere. Thanks for the heads up that we are doomed and letting us know there is not much we can do? Is this for real?  I can’t believe they have written this garbage and think we are going swallow it!!!!!  There is a lot they can do.  They can stop it!!!!  Put technology in place that we can use, which is safe and not deadly.  Opting out does not solve the root of the evil.  The Global network is still on and sending even higher levels of dirty electricity on their wires and through every outlet in your home. They are assessing that only a very small percentage of consumers will opt out.  This is because the majority of population is misinformed or not informed at all.  I would venture a guess that the majority is not aware of what the Global Smart Grid network is. Talk to your neighbors and you will realize this is probably true….Sandaura

It may be possible to lower exposure from cell phones and other sources of RF radiation. This is discussed in more detail in our documents, Microwaves, Radio Waves, and Other Types of Radiofrequency Radiation and Cellular Phones.

Because the low levels of energy from RF radiation have not been clearly shown to cause problems even at close range, it isn’t clear that lowering exposure to RF radiation has health benefits. NO radiation is good radiation.  There is no health benefits what so ever.  What a strange way to phrase something that kills and in no way heals……Sandaura

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