Benefits of Analog Meters Vs. Smart Meters – Why you should opt-out today!

 COMPARISON of smart meters and analog meters

Benefits of Analog Meters Vs. Smart Meters

Why push for opt-out (with a roll-back GOAL) legislation today!

According to some experts / reports by consumers:    Analog (Electromechanical) Meters    Smart Meters (Electronic)
RF Radiation Exposure      No      YES
Part of mesh network that blankets community with RF radiation      No      YES
Health complaints      No      YES
AAEM physicians’ association warnings about health effects      No      YES
Santa Cruz Health Dept. warnings about RF radiation emissions      No      YES
Privacy Intrusion      No      YES
Hackable      No      YES
Utility collects personal energy use data      No      YES
Data on your personal energy use may be provided to 3rd parties      No      YES
Can cause “dirty electricity” emissions on wiring      No      YES
Can be used to power down or shut off your appliances      No      YES
Can be used to remotely shutoff your utility service      No      YES
Can be used to charge for Time -of-Use rating      No      YES
Higher bills complaints      No      YES
Appliance Burnout Complaints      No      YES
Associated with numerous house fires      No      YES
Interference w/ wireless devices      No      YES
Safety complaints      No      YES
Can contribute to grid failure      No      YES
Meter has short life      No – last 30-50 years      YES – last 12-15 years

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Welcome to the Quietest Place on Earth? Depends on how you define quiet……

Welcome to the Quietest Place on Earth      (There are residents who do not agree with this article because they can hear the noise pollution from the Power line communication/TWAC which is turned on, on the AMI Smart Grid infrastructure. We saw digital meters in Green Bank.  Why were they there? The utility may not be utilizing wireless in Green Bank, but they are managing two way communication through RF over the power lines WIRED.  I personally took a road trip to Green Bank to investigate how quiet it has claimed to be and we found the noise to be present there as well.  So to be respectful to those who are electro hypersensitive, there may be lower radiation due to the non presence of wireless, but dirty electricity and noise although lower levels is still present. Because the nature of the noise is acoustic as well as electromagnetic you don’t have to be electro hypersensitive to hear the noise.  This is a misrepresentation to pigeon hole everyone into the category of being electro hypersensitive because you are hearing the noise radiating on the power lines.  The audible tones are within human hearing range and is not being created inside your head.  We are able to measure and record the tones on mechanical recording devices.  If this was microwave induced hearing, we would not be able to measure this with a manmade instrument…….Sandaura)

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