ARIZONA-Not all smart-meter foes wear tinfoil hats

‘Republic’ underestimates smart-meter threat


Re: “Tinfoil hats win one at your expense,” Dec. 21 editorial.

Not all smart-meter foes wear tinfoil hats


Your paper did a disservice to its readers by attempting to paint people opposed to smart meters as being the equivalent of a woman wearing a tin foil hat. (“Tinfoil hats win one at your expense,” (Letter below  from editorial, Sunday.) That would be similar to my stating that people who are racist, homophobic, hateful, bible-thumping and lacking intelligence is the equivalent of all members of the Republican/”tea party.”

Where your paper truly failed in journalism, however, is by not questioning the APS claim that the cost of reading a single customer’s meter was $20 a month. If we assume a meter reader can read approximately 30 meters per hour, that would be a $600 per hour cost. Please tell me where I can apply for that job.

Doug Miller, Phoenix

Smart meters represent what many renowned scientists believe to be a huge threat of mass increases in cancer to the public. The reality is that these symptoms and diagnosis may take years of intense study, if any are funded, to pinpoint the true dangers as to how these radio frequencies constantly “bombarding” people, and especially children, manifest themselves.

LETTER: Not all smart-meter foes wear tinfoil hats

People of good character, in the thousands, have already suffered severe headaches, nosebleeds and other problems within days of the installation of these devices.

The Republic‘s editorial was grossly ignorant, repugnant and insultingly dismissive of a problem that may see the specter of hundreds of thousands of children, gaunt and dying, and in chemotherapy. By then the flippant responses will be the PR attempts to lay the blame on other factors.

This is still America, and no person should be forced to pay extortion to feel safe for himself or herself and their family. The ruling on the fee should have had the simple requirement that anyone who does not want the smart meter installed should be exempt from any cost whatsoever.

In addition to apologizing for its blatant stupidity in dismissing and smirking at the very possible dangers of these meters, one would think a newspaper constantly pushing its patriotism would have someone on staff with an ounce of intelligence to question if terrorist nations could find a better way to cripple our nation’s health than by such a product placed in our own homes, forced on us by fellow Americans and morally bankrupt corporation commissioners.

H. Bob Shaw, Dewey

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