Rochester Hills MI is overexposed with Radio Frequency Radiation from Smart Meter

Published on Dec 11, 2014

Description – The Foxboro home of Rochester Hills MI is overexposed with Radio Frequency Radiation. The homeowner tried installing a shield to limit Smart Meter radiation but did not realize that the fire station cell tower radiation across the street overwhelmed most of the readings outside and within the home.
It is this cumulative effect of mandated exposure and voluntary exposure to unknown limits of harm that is the critical issue.
How much Radio Frequency Radiation is too much!
It is the failure of Governor Snyder, Attorney General Bill Schuette and Representatives such as Randy Richardville and Jack Brandenburg whom do not see the protection of the people by the laws of Michigan such as the Consumer Protection Act PA 331 of 1976 and Michigan Penal code 750.539d, the right to refuse unwanted surveillance should precede the profits of corporations such as DTE and Consumers Power.

Consumers must demand representation and protection from their elected officials.

San Antonio Residents do not want Smart Meters on their Townhome Complex


Published on Dec 12, 2014

By: Erin Nichols: Irma Vasquez has lived at the Les Chateaux Townhomes on Broadway for several years with her two children and husband.

Her youngest, Anai, has a severe health, and often times terminal, condition.

‚“She was diagnosed with Edward’s Syndrome which is Trisomy 18,‚ she said.

Financial burdens prevent Vasquez and her family from moving out of the townhomes, but she’s recently voiced her concerns with the management about the installation of ‚“smart meters‚ on the property by CPS Energy next spring.

“I don’t want that here,” she said.

‚“We have some residents here who have some serious health issues and it came to light that there were a lot of questions about the health issues regarding smart meters,‚ said townhome manager Nancy Woodard.

Smart meters are programmed to record how much energy you use and then send the information back to a central database through radio frequency transmissions.

Many residents at the townhomes are concerned over reports investigating whether those transmissions, which do give off low energy radiation, are hazardous.

‚“The board had a discussion and in light of all the health concerns we decided we didn’t want them on our property,‚ Woodard said.

CPS Energy has options for homeowners who wish to opt out of the program, but those don’t apply to businesses or multifamily complexes.

“We never opted in and we feel it’s discriminatory that we don’t have that choice,” said Woodard.

In order to prevent CPS Energy from installing smart meters on the three master meters, the townhome management changed the locks, which are CPS Energy’s property.

In a letter, CPS Energy notified them if they didn’t put the correct locks back on by December 12, they would begin the process of discontinuing their power.

‚“What they are doing right now is violating our terms of service,‚ said CPS Energy Spokesperson Christine Patmon. ‚“Having the actual lock on the reader prevents us from being able to access the meters, not only for meter reading, but for a safety standpoint.‚

‚“It would be a serious concern of course because we have tenants who rely on electricity,‚ said Woodard.

CPS Energy says they are going to work with the management.

Both sides hope to reach an agreement that keeps tenants like Vasquez feel safe.

CPS Energy says smart meters are safe.

They point to information on the American Cancer Society’s website that says the amount of radiation coming from smart meters is most likely too low to be damaging.

However, opponents argue there haven’t been enough studies done to say that for sure, and there have been no studies to determine cancer risk.

KENTUCKY- ‘Smart grid’ PUBLIC comments taken this week at meetings-SAY NO TO SMART METERS

‘Smart grid’ comments taken this week at meetings

The PSC is holding meetings at its offices in Frankfort to receive comment. The meetings are at 6 p.m. EST Tuesday and 10 a.m. EST Wednesday.

Besides meters, smart grid technology uses devices capable of receiving and transmitting data about usage, pricing and grid status in real time.

Kentucky’s jurisdictional electric utilities and the five largest natural gas utilities are parties in the case. The state attorney general’s office and a community action council are also parties.

A report submitted by the utilities is available on the PSC website at .

Written comments will be accepted through Feb. 27.

Alamo Heights, TEXAS seeks delay on smart meters


Alamo Heights seeks delay on smart meters

By Edmond Ortiz : September 24, 2014 : Updated: September 24, 2014 4:14pm

But some Alamo Heights residents say incidents and research from around the United States and Canada lead them to believe smart meters are a fire risk and unsafe with radio frequencies usage.

“We don’t know enough about smart meters,” Susan Straus, sister of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, told the council Aug. 11.

“The health and safety of our entire community is at risk,” Debbie Nason told the council Monday, when more than a dozen residents spoke out against the meters.

Critics also claim the devices are a form of personal intrusion, and criticize CPS Energy for charging anyone who wants to opt out of receiving a smart meter. If a homeowner opt outs, he/she gets a non-digital offsite meter reader. The existing analog meter would be removed regardless.

CPS Energy’s Smart Grid Initiative website includes a video about the devices. The utility states the meters emit fewer radio frequencies than cell phones, baby monitors, microwaves or radios.

“The whole idea is to be super transparent, super clear,” said Hamilton of public education.

But meters deployed by utilities such as Nevada’s NV Energy, Canada’s SaskPower and Florida’s Lakeland Electric have become suspect in structural fires in those areas, according to the critics.

Facebook pages, such as Stop Smart Meters, have anti-smart meter pleas, articles and studies. Two small Texas city councils effectively banned the meters. Local residents have begun a group, Coalition for Safe Meters.

The Texas Republican Party formally opposes smart meters based on security, property damage, energy inefficiency, privacy and health issues.

“All of the health and safety concerns the city has received should be made public so everyone can make an educated decision,” resident Sarah Reveley wrote on the forum.


Know Your Rights – Posted on Stop Smart Meters UK

A Reminder – Your Rights in Relation to Smart Meters

 HomeDirty TricksA Reminder – Your Rights in Relation to Smart Meters
It comes as no surprise that a number of big energy firms are starting to really push hard on the Smart Meter ‘gas’ pedal.  Advertising campaigns online and offline, integrated social media/direct mail campaigns, etc. are all trying to sell us on the spurious and totally unsubstantiated ‘benefits’ of placing our utility supplies on the web.

Despite the big marketing budgets, however, it seems as though the rhetoric just isn’t ‘washing’ – and this is consequently encouraging some companies to occupy the moral low ground and lie to customers about their rights and obligations.  One company in particular has, on multiple occasions, grossly mislead/lied to people about their rights in regard to Smart Meters and what the Government’s position is on it, too.

So we feel that it is an appropriate time to have a quick recap on what we have by way of some fundamental, non-negotiable rights.

What the UK Government says about our rights

Hansard, 29 November 2011, reflected the statement by Charles Hendry MP (former Energy minister) that whilst Energy suppliers will need to take “all reasonable steps to install smart meters for all domestic and smaller non-domestic customers by 2019″ – they:

“do not expect suppliers to seek an entry warrant simply to fit a smart meter and it will not be an offence for householders to refuse to accept a smart meter”.

An article from The Register in February of this year ( quoted Hendry as saying the following:

“We believe that people will benefit from having smart meters, but we will not make them obligatory. If people are concerned about the electromagnetic issues, they will not be required to have one. We have been willing to give assurances to Hon Members on that account.”

And David Cameron’s Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, Edward Davey MP, issued a public response to our campaign in which he stated the following:

“We believe smart meters will bring important benefits to consumers… However, there will not be a legal obligation on individuals to have one.”

And here is what the Electricity Act, 1989, says about your provider’s Duty to Connect on Request:
Here is what prominent consumer magazine Which? says about your rights:
What some energy firms are saying about our rights

Some of the comments we have heard from customer service reps from at least one Big Energy firm include the following:

“There’s a new law now in place forcing people to have a Smart Meter”
“You will be forced to have a Smart Meter”
“There is a Government mandate forcing everyone to have a Smart Meter by 2019″
“There is a law coming into place in 2019 that will force you to have a Smart Meter”
“Smart Meters don’t emit microwaves”
“Smart Meters do emit microwaves, but less than mobile phones”

These statements are false.  Don’t be surprised it they try them out on you.

What we say about our rights

Quite simply, there is no law or legislation forcing anyone to have a Smart Meter; for our physiology and sense of well-being to be impacted, for our utility supplies to be placed onto the web, for our personal safety and security to be put at risk, for our privacy to be violated, or for our personal behaviour at home to be analysed, profiled and monetised.

Each and every one of us has indefeasible rights that cannot be given to us by another human being nor lawfully taken away from us.  We are living, breathing, human souls and we can damn well refuse a Smart Meter on whatever grounds we like.  Big Energy may try to tell us otherwise, and in the process perpetrate a fraudulent misrepresentation and distortion of reality.   Just remember that these companies provide us with a service and they are not in charge – you are!


If you are currently in “discussion” with an energy/utility supplier who can’t understand why you’re not buying their expensive flannel, please get in touch with us with your story/situation.   Whilst nearly 400 people have issued Notices of Non-Consent & Liability via our campaign to date (generating over 28,000 emails!) many people have taken even more direct action by contacting their power/water companies directly.  We applaud this kind of action and it is very much necessary.  If you want to get in touch to let us know how you are doing, email us at info

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