Wired PLC/PLT smart meter health effect testimonials from Eiwellspring

Wired PLC/PLT smart meter health effect testimonials

Transmitting by sending signals along the power line is sometimes promoted as a safer alternative to wireless. The reality is that these PLC type systems create “dirty electricity” on household wiring and the power lines outside people’s houses. This greatly affects some people, while it has no effect on most. That is similar to pollen or peanuts, which can be life-threatening to very few people, cause misery for many, while having no effect on most people.

PLC is by far the most common type of wired smart meters, while the alternatives (phone line or wired network) are rarely used.

PLC smart meters are commonly used in continental Europe, where they are often called PLT meters. In America, these meters are mostly used in the rural West. Most Americans are only aware of the wireless kind, so people having problems with a PLC meter may report it as a wireless problem.

The following testimonies are either sent to us, or obtained from various sources, when we could determine it was a PLC system.

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Idaho, USA, April 22, 2014:

After the installation of a power line communication smart meter on my home, I started experiencing ringing in the ears, bloody nose, sleeping for a couple hours and being awakened — my sleeping cycle has changed — where I can’t sleep good, solid, restful eight hours a day; dizziness at times — there are times I feel like I’m swirling around, uncoordinated and jerky movements, my nerves begin to shake at times like an onset of a seizure; concentration is interrupted, rashes like skin burns, heart palpitations. I do not get headaches but I’ve awakened with severe headaches and stiff, sore muscles radiating from the back of my head, throughout my neck and across my shoulders and backside where I have had to get medical attention as the pain was intolerable. It is difficult to be productive because the symptoms are very debilitating. At first I thought I was having real health issues. I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack, but they could find nothing wrong I then began to realize that my symptoms go away when I leave my house. I go to visit my daughter frequently in another town and after about a week there my symptoms disappear. At this point, I’m working on getting out of this house whether I sell it or not. It is more important to me to live a good, quality life instead of paying mortgage for an environment that keeps me from it.

I leave my house every day to get some relief from my oppressive environment.

From e-mail sent from Spain, February 2014:

My mother has MCS and EHS and recently they installed a PLC meter at her place. As you can imagine, it has been hell since then. She can barely cope and of course the electricity is down most of the time.

She’s even looking into moving to the countryside because of this, but I wanted to check other options before we come to this rather drastic solution.

Idaho, USA, November 2013:

In September 2011, a smart meter was installed on the side of our house. The consequence of this action to my life and health has been a horrifying nightmare.

About two weeks after this installation, a high-pitched buzz started in my ears and has been there constantly since. There is no relief found from it — it is incessant. Never before in my life did I have problems with buzzing in my ears. I feel like I’ve been plugged in.

Several months later, I noticed a weakness, tremor and reduced dexterity in my right hand. My right arm became slow and stiff with restricted range of motion. My right leg developed tremors and now drags when I walk. I did some research on Parkinson’s and learned the disease usually starts on one side of the body first, then eventually the other side is affected. Recently, the left side of my body is beginning to show the same symptoms. When I stand still, my whole body shakes and trembles. Smart meters are known to cause Parkinson’s disease.

I have almost no stamina or vitality, depression, profound weakness and fatigue, digestive problems, reduced mental capacity, disorientation, screaming nightmares, irritability, muscle cramps, and feel off balance. My mouth and tongue don’t function like they should. My contacts need to be cleaned three times as often as before because mucous accumulation clouds my vision. I feel like I’ve aged ten years in the past two.

Because the smart meter is on the outside wall of the bedroom a few feet from the head of the bed, I spend the whole night on the living room couch to be as far away from the wretched thing as possible. The times I tried to sleep in the bedroom, I would lie awake for hours unable to relax enough to fall asleep, or if I did doze off, I’d wake up after a couple of hours with a headache. Sometimes when I’m taking a shower, which is about five feet from the meter, I feel like I’m going to just fall over. Quite often after a shower, my face has red blotches all over it.

Smart meters cause inflammation in the body. Approximately six months ago, inflammation assaulted my feet and within a few months they became so excruciatingly painful I could barely walk. I can’t even stand to wear socks. It started on the soles of my feet as a sore, burning feeling and quickly progressed to an awful pain that felt like the bottoms had been beaten with a club and then torched. If I wanted to get from here to there, I had to walk on them — pure torture. Next, it moved up and deeper into my feet, affecting muscles, tendons and joints. One of my ankles has swollen, red, bruised areas on it. The thought of being unable to walk terrifies and depresses me beyond words. In a brief span of a few months, I went from walking with absolutely no pain to becoming almost totally crippled. I was appalled what had happened to me in such a short amount of time.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt made a video titled Smart Meters & EMR: The Health Crisis of Our Time. He recommends the tonic mushrooms shiitake, maitake, reishi as a treatment for electromagnetic radiation exposure. I began taking them, hoping they would help my feet. They did — almost immediately. I am also taking a lot of enzymes to control inflammation. My feet are by no means back to normal, but these two remedies have allowed me to keep walking without crippling pain.

About a year before our smart meter was put on, I had read warnings concerning the health problems associated with them in a newsletter I subscribe to. They were called “the menace spreading across America.” There is not a shred of doubt in my mind what is responsible for my devastating physical decline.

Because this information is being withheld from the public, I think about the people whose health is failing from exposure to this poisonous electricity, but they have no idea why. It is tragic.

Close to six months after the installation of our smart meter, I made the first call to the Power Company to inform them of the problems I was having and to request my analog meter back. Their emphatic and callous response was under no circumstances would my analog be returned.

When I contacted them again a couple months later to make another appeal for my analog to be brought back, it was an exact repeat of the first failed attempt. It was obvious I would get zero help from them.

My condition was getting worse and I knew it would continue to worsen and it has. To find some answers, I did research on the internet and talked to a lot of people on the phone. Everything I read and everyone I spoke with advised shielding and filters as the best solution. I put up metal shielding and plugged in outlet filters and was very discouraged and disheartened with the minimal improvement. A few months ago, I found out our power company is using a TWACS power line communication system with a wired meter. Unfortunately, in this situation, shielding and filters won’t help much.

My doctor wrote a letter expressing an analog meter should be returned to me for health reasons. In my final phone call to the power company, I told them about my physician’s recommendation and letter, but it made no impression whatsoever. I commented it was a sad state of affairs when a health professional’s confirmation means nothing. I asked the person I was speaking with if forcing these meters on everybody whether they wanted them or not was a moral way for his company to conduct business. Later on in this hostile conversation, he threatened to shut our power off.

Our power company insists the wired meters and TWACS system they are using transmit signals over the power lines for only a couple of seconds a few times a day and is completely safe compared to wireless meters. This is totally false. Every time I spoke with someone at the power company, this same deceitful information was spewed on me.

Their system uses unshielded power lines to carry data communication which they were never intended to do and turns the power lines and inside wiring of the house into antennas creating unsafe, unhealthy, dirty electricity.

They tried to lull me into submission with their assuring, persuasive lies and make me believe it was pure fantasy on my part to even consider my health problems might be connected. Ridicule and a condescending attitude were heaped on for good measure.

My home, which is supposed to be a soothing sanctuary, has been turned into an electrified, toxic environment that is almost uninhabitable for me.

After all the time, effort and money I have invested in trying to figure this out and the disappointment, despair and heartache I have endured, I am no closer to finding a solution to this unbelievable nightmare than I was when I started. The overwhelmingly depressing and enraging reality is there seems to be only two answers — disconnect entirely form the grid and find an alternate source of power — or move.

What kind of choice is that for someone with limited financial resources, a house that has been paid off, who is no longer young, and has been damaged by this technology? Both of these options seem like insurmountable hardships. Every day I am consumed with the thought “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO TO SURVIVE THIS ONSLAUGHT?”

To the irresponsible, immoral and ruthless group in charge of enforcing this never-tested-for-safety catastrophe, we are not even real, live people, but rather just commodities to be manipulated in order to improve their bottom line, no matter what the human cost is in suffering, misery and ruin. They could not care less about our wellbeing, or, for that matter, whether we even live or die.

This woman’s smart meter uses the TWACS PLC system to communicate.

READ FULL REPORT AT: http://www.eiwellspring.org/smartmeter/PLC_testimony.htm


Published on Nov. 25, 2014
According to our Government can microwave energy from cell phones and other wireless can’t possibly do harm. They also refers to that the research is not unique, and that it is not proven in any way such radiation can get the health follows on.
According to Prof. em. Martin l. Pallet, physicist, geneticist and cell biologist, they have been asleep for an hour and take the wrong on all three counts. Pallet argues that the research results is not at all ambiguous, and that we need to get a rather different and better radiation protection. He claimsbased on my own and other people’s extensive research over the last ten yearsamong other things:
Microwave radiation damages even far below the beam boundaries, through the mechanisms at the cellular level
These biological mechanisms cancompletely or partiallystand behind the growing unexplained illnesses that all of a sudden heart death, ME, weakened immune systems, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress, and increased DNA-violation, and more.
The effects can, in principle, frame all multicellular animals, and have been proven. in mussels
One needs either the New Age, science, or tendentious conspiracy theories to justify this
The consequence of Palls findings is that we are facing a new and public environmental poison. Some have called it the 21st century. century’s environmental bomb. “ It can vote? How are we to relate to this? It has consequences for environmental measures, the health sector, the construction of cellular towers, computers in schools, and the management of el-overfølsomme.
Martin Pall, Prof. em. v/Washington State University, has an extensive production. His first article in which he draws in electromagnetic fields as the explanation for the illness he has worked with a number of years, ended up on the Global Medical Discovery”the list of the most important articles in medicine in 2013.
The video is footage from Arne Næss-seminar 18. Oct. 2014, Oslo, Norway.
Introduction v/Einar Flydal, retired from the ICT industry, business, and academia
Foredag v/Martin l. Pallet
Questions/comments from the audience

The video has English speech and the Norwegian text.

Organizers: Einar Flydal in collaboration with Arne Næss-professorship in global justice, and the environment

English video title: Electrosmog-The New Health and Environmental Toxin?”

Lecture title: “Electromagnetic field exposures list act via activation of L-type voltage-gated calcium channels. How this leads to electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and other impacts on health

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