Whole Foods is selling Healthy Food, but WiFi in the Stores Is Not A Whole lot of sense!

WHOLE FOODS HAS SOLD ITS SOUL TO THE DEVIL!  The success of Whole Foods was based on Tony Harnet’s Dream, An already successful natural food chain when Whole Foods bought Harnet’s chain if stores then named,Bread and Circus. The clients who made the stores successful shopped there because of the quality of the brands being organic and or from trusted sources. The quality of the food is part of a lifestyle; so why is Whole Foods employing wireless technologies which are harmful to those who shop there?  Especially, those who are not able to be exposed to such an environment without feeling harmed?

The philosophy of healthy living is a contradiction to say the least, in supporting and profiting from it at the expense the very customers who have made you a success.  This is egregious.  You must rethink your approach to how you are choosing to do business.  You are destroying the very principles the business originally was founded on.  This is not a Whole lot of sense; just business cents.

OCT. 21, 2014


Apple says Apple Pay is more secure than a traditional credit card payment, because the system sends one-time codes to merchants to complete purchases rather than actual credit card numbers. Credit Eric Risberg/Associated Press

EXCERPT:  READ FULL ARTICLE AT: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/22/technology/personaltech/shopping-with-apple-pay-seamless-in-stores-but-quirky-online.html?_r=0

Any store that has a contactless terminal installed — usually a small screen where you can also swipe your credit card or enter PINs — should be able to accept a payment from an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Apple says more than 200,000 merchants now support contactless payments. A select few of those will actually be labeled with an “Apple Pay” sticker or other branding — you’ll notice them at Whole Foods and Macy’s, for example.

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