UPDATE: Dr. N Khan, electrical engineering expert, confirms noise on smart grid has biological affects

Madam Sandra,

Let me clarify the Pf meter. It is a power factor meter that measures cosine of phase angle between voltage and current. This power factor (cosine of angle) can be reduced down to zero to bring voltage in phase with current (no time delay between them) using capacitors.

Inductive loads cause KVAr losses which can be cancelled by -KVAr of capacitors but electronic loads produce kVAd (distortion) that can not be mitigated except not using electronic loads which we can not afford in practical life.

Electronic loads smear/distort sinusoidal wave profile producing high frequency waves which do interfere with electronic control systems around.

This noise affects same way as most electromagnetic signals. It does not effect the way truck noise effects.  It affects in a biological way. It depends upon its energy (in ev). About 3 to 4 ev energy is enough to kill a living cell but electronic noise has lower energy.

Dr N Khan
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Thank you for taking the time to do so. It does not surprise me about the media
black out. Are there others whom are qualified and which you know who would be willing to speak out about this
issue. I would appreciate you using my format in my blog to do so. It would be of great service to post
any and all papers pointing out the negatives of this technology.  Do you have knowledge of the noise pollution this technology is causing worldwide? I would like you to clarify your description of the meter below. You refer to a Pf meter? Was this a typo error and you meant RF meter?  If not, what is a Pf meter?


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