Low voltage PLC used for Smart Grid cause of Low Frequency Noise Pollution?

This is another example of the utilities and regulatory agencies talking through both sides of their mouths to the public. They have not been transparent in explaining how the Smart Grid and how the Power-line communication is being used for the smart grid network.  This is something they have implemented recently.  They lead the public to believe that PLC could not be the source of the noise and or health impacts that the public is complaining about since the smart meters were rolled out.  They tell the public half the truth, by stating they have used PLC for the last 20 years on medium voltage section of the grid and leave out that most recently they started using PLC the low-voltage (LV) side of the grid!!! (see diagram below.

The low frequency noise that people are complaining about is coming from the PLC low voltage side of the grid-this could be the smoking gun!!!!

Implement OFDM For The Smart Grid

READ FULL ARTICLE AT: http://electronicdesign.com/energy/implement-ofdm-smart-grid

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