Pure Tone Noise in Transformers-The Smart Grid technology has caused magnetostriction imbalance

The Sound of Silence: ‘Silent Transformers’ to Help Consolidated Edison Meet New York City’s Ultrastrict Noise Ordinances

 By Dr. Ramsis Girgis, ABB Inc.EXCERPTS:

Silence is a source of great strength. Although these words were coined by the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, they apply to modern transformers. These devices ensure our power supply, and it is important not to ignore the negative sides of their operation. Noise is a major issue.

Transformers exhibit vibrations while operating, which generate a characteristic hum classified as noise. This noise is characterized mainly by four pure tones, the frequencies of which are in the range of human speech. The noise causes irritation and discomfort, so it is important to ensure residential areas are unaffected by noise of nearby transformer installations.

Probably the strictest noise ordinance in the world is in New York City. To fulfill the restrictions, it is necessary to understand the total process of sound generation, transmission and radiation. Such knowledge has enabled ABB to design and build quiet transformers for customers throughout the world. Most recently, ABB delivered ultralow-noise power transformers, referred to in this article as “silent transformers,” to the Consolidated Edison (ConEd) utility in the Manhattan borough of New York City.

Transformer Noise, Characteristics

Three sources of sound and noise exist in power transformers: core noise, load noise and cooling system noise.

Core noise is caused by the magnetostriction property of core steel. Magnetostriction is a term for the small, mechanical deformations of core laminations in response to the application of a magnetic field. The change in dimension is independent of the direction of the flux, and hence it occurs at twice the supply frequency. Because the magnetostriction property is nonlinear, however, higher frequency harmonics of an even order are introduced at higher flux densities. Therefore, core noise has components at multiples of 100 or 120 Hz (for 50-Hz and 60-Hz transformers, respectively). The relative magnitudes of the noise at these different frequency components depend on core material, core type and operating flux density.

Load noise mainly is generated by windings vibrations caused by the electromagnetic forces as a result of the interaction of load current and leakage flux produced by this current. Another source of load noise is tank vibrations caused by the magnetic-pull forces exerted by the leakage flux. The main frequency of this sound, therefore, is twice the supply frequency. The level of load noise is determined by load current, winding design and the type of tank shielding used.

Cooling system noise is generated by the operation of the cooling equipment, fans and pumps. This noise has a broad frequency spectrum with a peak at the blade passage frequency, the frequency at which the fan impeller blades pass some rigid disturbance in the air flow, and sometimes twice that frequency. Pumps also produce noise of a broad band nature and contribute to the total noise of the transformer.

 Sound Level Units

Sound-level limits typically are determined by the perception of the human ear to sound. For example, doubling the magnitude of the sound pressure is felt by the human ear as a small increase in sound level. The human ear is also 10 times more sensitive to a sound of 1,000-Hz frequency than it is to a sound of 100-Hz frequency. Sound, therefore, is measured in decibels (dB), and a decibel is 10 × Log10 (sound pressure). Sound levels typically are presented and specified in A-weighted decibels; dB(A), where the sound levels are attenuated according to their frequencies per an “A-filter,” which depicts the frequency response of the human ear.

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Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe presented an outstanding talk recently on electromagnetic fields

29/10/2014 – AITN – Talks from the EU EHS hearing now available

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Erica Mallery-BlytheDr Erica Mallery-Blythe presented an outstanding talk recently on electromagnetic fields and their possible effects at a meeting of the Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIRE). In this talk she discussed the difficulty of assessing exposure accurately, the various known mechanistic effects of electromagnetic fields, and the varied susceptibility of human beings to different exposures of various kind. This is one of the best you’ll find anywhere at the moment to learn about some of the possible effects of mobile phones, cordless phones, WiFi and tablets, and it’s freely available online.

We have also discovered another excellent video, produced in 2013, looking exclusively at exposure from modern wireless devices, particularly tablets such as the iPad, demonstrating that tablets often exceed the SAR exposures that you would expect from phone usage. Although it’s rare that a tablet is likely to be pressed against the side of a user’s head in the same way as a mobile phone, they are often used on laps, and are widely in use by children, even toddlers. With the links between radiofrequency EMFs and fertility, tablets may well pose a bigger future health risk than phones themselves.


» Erica’s presentation in full
» “Smart n safe for r kids” video

Also in the news

Talks from the EU EHS hearing now available

As we covered on the 4th of November, the European Economic and Social Committee (part of the European Union) ran the hearing on electromagnetic hypersensitivity, with a range of presentations from expert individuals, national EHS organisations and the Austrian Mobile Operator’s association.

All of the documents presented at this meeting are now downloadable from the EESC website, and are well worth reading.

ARTICLE AT:  http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/news/2014-11-28-erica-phire-presentation.asp

Consumer group blames Hydro-Québec smart meters for rise in power cutoffs

Consumer group blames Hydro-Québec smart meters for rise in power cutoffs

From Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, the utility cut electricity to a record 51,000 homes and businesses with unpaid bills

CBC News Posted: Nov 13, 2014 5:54 PM ETLast Updated: Nov 13, 2014 5:54 PM ET

The Union des Consommateurs says Hydro-Québec's new smart meters make it easier for the utility to cut power to its clients.

The Union des Consommateurs says Hydro-Québec’s new smart meters make it easier for the utility to cut power to its clients. (CBC)

Hydro-Québec says smart metres aren’t responsible for increase in service shut-offs 5:56

Related Stories

A consumer protection group says it’s concerned about the number of Quebecers who have had their electricity cut off by Hydro-Québec so far this year, and it says the new generation smart meters are partly to blame.

The Union des Consommateurs says smart meters make it easier for the utility to disconnect clients because it’s done remotely from Hydro’s headquarters with a simple click.

This year, from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, Hydro-Québec cut power to 51,015 homes and businesses.

In all of 2013, about 37,000 clients were cut off.

Consumer rights advocate Marc-Olivier Moisan-Plante says he’s not surprised by the surge in the number of Hydro-Québec clients who’ve had their power cut.

“The hike in tariffs, the poor economic conditions, … the very cold winter and, of course, the smart meters,” said Moisan-Plante, an energy analyst at the Union des Consommateurs.

Moisan-Plante says with the new smart meters, Hydro-Québec employees no longer have to physically go to the address where they’re cutting power, and that can lead to dangerous situations.

“Some person may live with medical equipment necessary to live. So we think it’s [imprudent] to remotely disconnect electricity.”

Moisan-Plante said Hydro-Québec charges high fees to reconnect cut-off customers, and that’s another pressing concern.

The Union des Consommateurs will file a complaint at Quebec’s Energy Board next month asking Hydro-Québec to cancel those charges.


 READ FULL ARTICLE AT: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/consumer-group-blames-hydro-qu%C3%A9bec-smart-meters-for-rise-in-power-cutoffs-1.2834439

Smart meter’ hearing set for Tuesday in Lansing, Michigan

Smart meter’ hearing set for Tuesday in Lansing


Suzanne Yarbrough of Livonia plans to attend a state House hearing on “smart meters” at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2, in Lansing, and she hopes other Livonia residents will join her.

“Anyone who wants to testify regarding the health, safety, privacy (and) cyber hacking (of smart meters), or their electric bill going up for a meter that is no benefit to customers can testify,” said Yarbrough, who has spoken out against smart meters at Livonia City Council meetings.

The hearing, held by the Michigan House Oversight Committee, will take place in Room 519 of the Anderson House office building, 124 N. Capitol.

“Smart meters” are a high-tech alternative to conventional utility meters that are attached to homes to remotely report through radio frequency waves when and how much electricity is used by homeowners.

State Rep. Tom McMillin, committee chair, called the hearing after being contacted by many constituents and other citizens about privacy, health and safety concerns relating to the meters.

“With this hearing, we’re giving the people of Michigan an open and transparent platform to not only voice their concerns but hopefully have them addressed by public utility officials” said McMillin, R-Rochester Hills. “Residents have contacted my office, terrified that their power will be shut off after receiving letters from utility companies threatening to do just that if they don’t allow a smart meter to be installed on their home, even though they have a perfectly working analog meter.”

Residents can testify during the committee or submit written testimony. Representatives from the Michigan Public Service Commission, DTE Energy and Consumers Energy have been invited to testify and respond to citizens’ concerns.

For more information, residents can contact McMillin by emailing TomMcMillin@house.mi.gov or by calling 517-373-1773


Wi-Fi ‘electrosmog’ a risk to health, say scientists

Wi-Fi ‘electrosmog’ a risk to health, say scientists

Wi-Fi 'electrosmog' a risk to health, say scientists

People at risk of ailments from brain tumors to exhaustion amid ‘insane’ radiation levels, say Scandinavian experts

World Bulletin/News Desk

People are facing a host of illnesses ranging from brain tumors and leukemia to poor memory and concentration as they become increasingly engulfed by an “electrosmog” as Wi-Fi networks expand globally, scientists in Scandinavia have warned.

The team of experts told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday that it was already well established in the scientific community that electromagnetic fields (EMF) from mobiles, wireless LANs, baby calls and other wireless equipment based on microwaves can influence human blood circulation, respiration, temperature control, water balance and other bodily functions.

But Danish scientist Olle Johansson said the risks are increasing significantly as initiatives are taken all over the world to widen the already extensive network of Wi-Fi facilities.

“The wireless society is the largest human full-scale experiment ever, and it urgently needs to be addressed as such,” said Associate Professor Olle Johansson from the Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Johansson warned: “We are literally enveloped by an ‘electrosmog’ which contributes to increased sickness rates, and politicians need a totally different approach to the problem.

“Global populations are not sufficiently protected from the emerging communication and data transmission technologies that are being deployed worldwide and are now affecting billions of people.”

‘Insane radiation limits’

Johansson has just published an article detailing the phenomenon entitled: “Health Risk from Wireless? The Debate is Over”, together with his colleague Associate Professor Einar Flydal of the Department of Telematics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway,

“The spectrum of possible health problems arising is extraordinarily wide – from brain tumors and leukemia to exhaustion, decreased memory and concentration and just feeling uncomfortable,” Johansson explained.

The Council of Europe committee examined evidence in 2011 that the technologies had “potentially harmful” effects on humans, and concluded action was required to protect children.

It said in a report it was crucial to avoid repeating previous mistakes made when public health officials were slow to recognize the dangers of asbestos, tobacco smoking and lead in petrol.

Johansson went on: “The allowed radiation limits throughout the world are insane, to say the least.

“We are talking about values up to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 to the 18th) times higher than nature’s background radiation, to which the human body has adapted through many 100,000 of years, and within a couple of decades, we have all been surrounded by biblical levels of artificial radio-waves, well knowing that they have major impacts on both human and animal health.”

‘Hard evidence’

He called for the immediate adoption of a precautionary principle, saying he did not agree with the European Commission’s conclusion from the Public Hearing of the Preliminary Opinion on Potential Health Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in March this year that more research needed to be done.

“Politicians should now rather take a look at how to get rid of the old ‘avoid getting burnt’ paradigm that still reigns with the authorities engaged in radiation protection – which goes, ‘How long may one stand or sit in front of a radar before getting burned?’ – and replace it with biomedical limits based on public health concerns,” he said.

Danish doctor Helge Volkmann, who has opposed the rapid expansion of Wi-Fi for many years, agrees with Johansson.

He told Anadolu Agency: “Both industry and authorities lean upon studies, financed by the mobile communication industry, showing no dangers. But we have hard evidence that mobile signals can cause cancer.

“In Denmark, it is hard to find any place outside with no signal, so it is threatening the health of the whole population.”

The company Ruckus Wireless, one of the pioneers in the wireless infrastructure market, estimates that the number of hotspots across the world will increase to 5.8 million by next year – an increase of 350 percent from 2011.

Health concerns

As scientific knowledge about the side effects worldwide have appeared, more cities in the Western world are tending to lower the values of exposure amid concerns over the possible effects on human health.

According to the Scandinavian scientists, lower radiation limits have already been studied and proposed in Vienna, Austria and in Brussels, Belgium.

“In Salzburg, Austria, a proposition has been launched to lower the exposure limit outdoors to one millionth (10-6) of today’s levels, and one ten-millionth (10-7) for indoors,” says Johansson.

France legislated in March last year to discourage Wi-Fi in schools until it is considered “safe for human consumption”.

And since 2008, the French national library along with other libraries in Paris and a number of universities have removed all Wi-Fi networks and they have also been totally removed from schools in the town of Herouville-Saint-Clair.

In Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Education has stopped the installation of wireless networks in classrooms prior to the first grade in 2013 and limited the use of Wi-Fi between first and third grades

Strong growth

Israeli teachers are now required to turn off mobile phones and WiFi routers when they are not being used.

Germany recommended its schools use cabled computers instead of Wi-Fi as far back as 2007.

However in the U.S. park officials have taken the opposite tack in the Grand Teton National Park in Yellowstone, Wyoming, and are discussing a $34 million fiber-optic line through the park, buried along existing roads, to create the optimal Wi-Fi environment for visitors.

4G is now supported from Mammot Hot Springs in the park, where Verizon has installed LTE antennas and a microwave path.

In Africa, Wi-Fi and mobile phone masts are also been rapidly rolled out, with Cisco saying the continent will experience the strongest mobile data traffic growth on the planet, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 70 percent by 2018.

Africa is followed by Central and Eastern Europe, with CAGR growth of 68 percent and, in the Asia Pacific, 67 percent.

According to the European Commission, among the problems potentially related to exposure to electromagnetic fields are an increased cancer risk in the brain (glioma) and the ear (acoustic neuroma) through the heavy users of mobile phones.

It has also reported there is a potential association between exposure to broadcast transmitters and a higher rate of childhood cancer, including childhood leukaemia.

‘Time to act’

Reproductive problems, cognitive function or symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances and skin problems are also believed to be risks.

At a public hearing in June, the EU Commission called for further investigation and the World Health Organization (WHO) is to conduct a formal risk assessment of all studied health outcomes from radio-frequency fields exposure by 2016.

But Johansson said such a move was “totally obsolete” as research is already “overwhelmingly showing the negative effects”.

He said: “It is a scientific fact that radio waves in the centimeter band influence blood circulation, respiration, temperature control, water balance, albumin and sugar concentration in the cerebro-spinal fluid and more.

“Even electromagnetic fields at levels of only 1/100,000th of what we are regularly exposed to from mobiles, are found to disturb the complex electrical operations taking place at cellular levels, and to cause damage to DNA, proteins, neurons and oxidation processes.”

“In spite of this, we have allowed an electrosmog of an almost unimaginable dimension to develop,” he stated.

Calling for Wi-Fi to be discontinued worldwide, he warned: “It is going to affect future generations, and the time to act is now.”


Innocent Citizens are being bullied and Harrassed while Utilities are Allowed to Harm the Public with Smart Grid

Thank you Dr. Alan for exposing this important story-Sandaura

Smart Meter or NO Power at All? Nevada Energy Sends Armed Men to Disconnect Power – Just for Opting Out

Nevada is supposedly one of those states with a smart meter ‘opt out’ policy. On the ground, however, the reality is a little different.

Mona Orkoulas lives in the mountains outside Las Vegas, Nevada, where she works in real estate. Like many Americans she has been impacted by the downturn in the economy and is struggling to make ends meet. Mona was born in the US and raised by an Egyptian/ Greek family. She has always paid her bills on time, and makes protecting her health a priority. For years Mona worked on humanitarian projects in the Middle East: drilling wells, and providing drinkable water and renewable power to remote villages. So she is familiar with the need for safe, reliable public services. Now, it turns out that she may need some humanitarian assistance herself — not in the developing world but right outside Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
The story starts when Nevada Energy (NVE) installed a ‘smart’ meter on Mona’s bedroom wall in January without permission, or even so much as a few days’ notice.

Mona reports that she does not have any prior history of medical issues. Shortly after NV Energy installed the smart meter, she started noticing an increase in her heart rate first thing in the morning and an elevated blood pressure. She felt fatigued, and started having headaches. A low grinding sound had started when the meter was installed and this made it difficult for Mona to sleep, or even be in her own home during the day. She tried different things to get rid of the symptoms, but nothing worked. Finally it dawned on her: the only thing which had changed in her life was the meter. When she started researching the issue, she realized she was not alone. Others were experiencing the same annoying humming grinding sound, the same adverse health impacts — and linking it to recent smart meter installations. She has amassed a whole binder of studies about the negative effects of EMF’s on health.
A letter from Mona’s doctor to NV Energy reads:

Neurological and cardiological findings may be associated with pulsed EMF… EEG, ECG, MRI and sleep study changes may be associated in some hypersensitive individuals to pulsed EMF. If multiple Smart meters are in use in her area, the possibility of constructive and destructive interference between the various EMF signals is a distinct possibility whose effects may be potentially more dangerous. I recommend that this patient be allowed to have NVE reinstall an analog meter at her house.

So she called the power company, expecting that they would remove the unsanctioned meter right away — or at least come out and do an analysis to find out what was causing the grinding noise. Months later, frustrated after at least six failed attempts to have NVE address the problem, Mona finally purchased a standard analog meter and had an electrician install it at her residence. She carefully photographed and recorded the readings on the old and new meter, to be sure that she paid for every kilowatt-hour used. She attempted to return the unwanted smart meter to NVE offices, but was turned away.

On August 6th, at about 10:30am, three men from Nevada Energy, armed with guns, arrived unannounced on her property, removed the analog meter from the socket, took her analog meter as well as the unauthorized smart meter she had removed, and left her living without electricity. One of the men identified himself as an investigator with the company and said that he was investigating her for “criminal tampering.”

She was in tears, visibly shaken by the encounter, and recalls asking the men, “Why are you on my property with guns?” Their response: “this is procedure Ma’am.” (If this has become the “procedure” then we need to act to stop this kind of utility intimidation and abuse.)

More than a month later, the lights are still off and Mona hasn’t budged. “They’re not putting that thing back on my house,” she says.

We asked Angel de Fazio, who has been on the front lines working to fight NVE’s smart meter program, what is going on here? Doesn’t Nevada have an ‘opt out’ choice?

Angel says “Nevada residents only won the right to be placed on the ‘delay list’, not a full ‘opt out’.”

In other words, if you wised up before the installation trucks came and still have your analog, NVE has a ‘delay list’ you can sign to ‘delay’ your installation date. But if the power company managed to sneak on your property and install a smart meter — even without permission — then your choice is a smart meter or no power at all, as Mona discovered. Even if you have a letter from your doctor, the power company apparently thinks it knows best what’s good for you.

While awareness about smart meter problems has been greater in states like California, Maine, and several other states, the “take a smart meter or lose your power” policy remains quietly in force in other states where awareness may not be as widespread. However, people in these states (like Mona) have had enough and are standing up to the utility industry in increasing numbers.

Angel tells Stop Smart Meters! that Nevada’s opt out proceeding has been a sham. “The Nevada PUC will be holding hearings on October 3rd-5th to determine which of the ‘non-transmitting’ meters they will trial to replace people’s analogs and how much they will charge for the ‘privilege’. Even the ‘right’ to have a non-transmitting meter is under threat.” In other words, there may be no official ‘opt out’ at all unless people organize and make more noise.

“NVE has conned the PUC into believing that only a certain number of people can opt out or their Federal Stimulus Grant will be in jeopardy. That is a lie,” Angel says.

NVE has been calling people on the ‘delay list’ who want to ‘opt out’ and repeatedly pressuring them to accept a smart meter. The company admitted that they lied to utility customers, telling them that the meters are federally mandated (which they are not), and telling people their power would be cut if they didn’t accept the meter (which they do not have the legal authority to do). Similar stories abound about other utilities including Southern California Edison, Detroit Edison, Duke Energy, and Oncor.

Now NVE is accusing Mona of tampering with their equipment, which she says is ridiculous, because she gave them plenty of opportunity to remove the problematic smart meter. “I had no intention of stealing electricity,” she says. “I just wanted the grinding noise and headaches to stop.”

READ FULL STORY AT: http://richardalanmiller.com/breakingnews/smart-meter-or-no-power-at-all-nevada-energy-sends-armed-men-to-disconnect-power-just-for-opting-out

BPL/PLC on the powerlines must be stopped-It is Harming the Public and our Wildlife

The concept, on paper, sounded Smart, but in practice,  there was no consideration, (or maybe there was)  of how this would impact and harm humans, animals and  wildlife!!  This is not a Smart Grid for HUMANS; it is a bad and deadly idea for it has left the public exposed to dirty electricity and bio active RF pulsed signals, which is life threatening.  The noise pollution alone, has caused millions to flee their homes and many at the cost of their jobs and relationships.  This is no joke; this is happening ubiquitously across the country, as well as worldwide.  For those hearing the noise radiating from the power lines, it is nothing short of daily torment and struggle.

The emissions on power lines have been measured and documented by several experts.  The FCC, local and federal governments are ignoring the harm it is doing to the public and our wildlife.  There are solutions, but they will not commit or spend the money to protect the public.  We can still have our convenience of this technology, but with safe standards.

This is a criminal act and a violation of our human rights.  This issue is a priority and needs to be exposed or there will be serious consequences down the road.  It is obvious by our declining bird, bat and bee population and the health complaints on record, since the installation of the automated meter infrastructure ( ex. smart meters) we are being harmed.

We are all at risk.  Those who are obviously impacted are our barometers for what this bad technology is doing to our biology.  The increase of cancer, heart disease, insomnia, depression, autism, diabetes, brain cancer, to name a few, has severely risen since 2006, at the same time the smart grid turned on  using pulsed RF two way communication wired and wireless for data management.

Unfortunately, the industry has financial control over the media, politicians and the like, so we are left to take matters into our own hands to seek the allies who are truth seekers so that we are empowered to influence and change this corrupted culture of thinking by standing up to our rights as citizens and rid our governments of those who are self serving and profiting, while harming the public-Sandaura


Broadband Power Line communications & the amateur radio

Do ban BPL !

Since 2002, Internet trials using the electricity power cabling system are undertaken in the U.S.A. and Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, etc) by private and national electricity companies. These trials are know as Power Line Transmissions (PLT), Power Line Communications (PLC) or Broadband Power Line telecommunications (BPL) aka “courants porteurs en ligne” in French (CPL).

BPL uses the low and medium-voltage power lines like the ones installed along our streets and displayed at right to distribute broadband services on frequencies between 2 and 80 MHz. The signal is broadband, meaning that it is spread over hundreds of kilohertz; in other words these companies are parasiting our amateurs bands !

Such trials are in violation of the european directive about the “electromagnetic compatibility” (ref. 92/31/EEC handling the famous logo) that states that “everybody may use frequencies at the condition to not disturb the other users”. However, it appears that these private or national companies are far to respect this law.

Today this issue impacts broadcasters too that request a special attention from ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R). Indeed Sub Working Group (SWG) 6E1 expressed the view that interference produced by systems employing BPL as well as by Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) equipment and short-range devices, would compromise broadcast reception. BBC engineers for example described the interference as varying between “annoying” and “a level sufficient to make the broadcast completely unintelligible“.

ITU’s SWG 6E1 is of the opinion that “any increase in the amount of noise due to these systems is unacceptable,” said a statement from the group’s chairman to the chairman of Working Party 6E (WP 6E). “In particular, broadcast services should be protected from unwanted emissions from PLT systems,” the panel asserted, “as these emissions are a byproduct of a system that is not itself a user of the radio spectrum.” The panel recommended the formation of a group representing all users of the radio spectrum “to coordinate development of limits to be imposed on the radiation from these systems“.

While some companies gave up their BPL tests due to interference they were unable to remove, other companies continue generating interference on HF. In Austria for example, the Linz Power Company’s BPL pilot project created massive interference in the Red Cross service during a disaster response drill in May 2003. The Austrian Amateur Transmitter Federation (OVSV) asked the Government Ministry for Commerce to halt these radio interferences.

In the U.S.A. the Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association (DERA) called on the FCC to require impartial PBL field testing as well as additional public comment and full and open public hearings.

New York City, document Light Rail Now

The city purrs under BPLs

DERA concludes that “serious interference to and disruption of critical emergency communications systems […] would almost certainly result from BPL implementation as currently proposed“.

Meanwhile, the Amateur Radio Research and Development Corporation (AMRAD) filed additional test data with the FCC about interference caused by BPL systems.

Their new data demonstrated that amateur operation in the test neighborhood would cause many homes to lose their Internet service. “At least an area out to a radius of 800m (0.51 miles) from the transmitting station could have their Internet connection interrupted”, ARMAD said. “Closer-in homes would almost certainly have their Internet service interrupted”.

For its experiment AMRAD used the Potomac Electric Power Company system test site, and a mid-1960s vintage home with unshielded interior electrical wiring and overhead power lines. It resulted that at a distance of 800m (0.51 miles), data transfer ceased in the face of a 100-W signal on 3980 kHz from a mobile transmitter. Adjacent to the test property, data transfer ceased in all but one instance at a transmitter power of just 4 W in the BPL operating band from 4 to 21 MHz.

Since 2004, the ARRL is conducting a complete and independent BPL engineering study as well. Its results as well the comments of BPL victims are regularly published in the columns of QST magazine.

To forge your own opinion about theses interferences, I suggest you to load the next video to get an idea of the noise level generating by BPL on amateurs bands. When BPL is activated you can no more work any station, neither local or DX. This is not acceptable ! You will also find a compilation of videos recording these interferences on the ARRL website.

Stop BPL interferences !

BPL at Work in Austria (MPEG of 4.4 MB).

What is the weight of amateurs in this balance ?

In joining the amateur radio community, broadcasters and emergency services help us to fight against these “BPL” companies. But it is still too early to say if this is a good or a bad news for our hobby. Too much financial interests are in balance and to save their economy (and gain votes) political already demonstrated that they do not hesitate to hack FCC commissioners who have no concept of the technology they are supposed to be regulating. We all hope that the WP 6E’s report will be in favor of spectrum users without modifying our rights to use amateur bands as we already observed in 432 MHz, 1.2 and 2.4 GHz some times ago that were partly reassigned.

I suggest an idea to ITU commissioners. The best solution to ensure our defense should be to gather in our camp some statemen, lawyers and celebrities who should be licensed hams too. All use either amateur bands or more generaly the electromagnetic spectrum and can arg against any abuse and will more than probably support our fight.

To read : Get the support of famous hams to fight against BPL

I remind you that amateur radio is more than an activity or a simple hobby, it is defined as a service that we pay yearly. As such, if we can not take advantage of this radiocommunication service, in some countries we have the right to require an exploitation loss or at least to request the suppression of these interferences at the responsible’s charge.

Unfortunately, until now neither our national representative ham associations (ARRL, RSGB, ARC, RSGB, UBA, REF, etc) or the concerned IARU delegation can oppose to this criminal practice.

Ham associations have discussed about this problem in the offices of the European Commission at Brussels in 2003, but without to get the slightest action or result up to day, on the contrary… The European Commission and well as FCC encourage the deployment of BPL networks !

As Sun Tzu wrote in his Art of War, “Know the enemy, know yourself; in a thousand battles, a thousand victories”. The most active ham association fighting against this problem is actually ARRL on behalf of the League’s 155000 members who has gathered over 5000 complaints and comments from the amateur radio community. We all hope that this action will convince one day ITU to prohibite BPL.

Confronted to such laxities and to lobbies that are standing by, early 2003 Hilary, alias G4JKS, representing the UK Anti-BPL group gave up his fight against administrations. Hopefully Peter Cochrane has resumed the fight and wrote an article about BPL that his author ask us to publish as often as possible on the Internet. Thanks to his fight and the new ITU decision, the future of ham radio looks less noisy.

The right technology for the right job

This document is a reprint from a short article published on Silicon website in which Peter Cochrane reminded how can be hard the fight against administrations even when hams rights are derided. Here are his commentaries.

For a decade now business plans have arrived on my desk, in increasing numbers each year, but only a small percentage find their way to commercial success. Remarkably I see very little correlation between plans.

There is, however, a major exception where the same plan seems to arrive on my desk every year. Each time it is presented as revolutionary and ground-breaking. But it is always the same technology and it is always as flawed and as misconceived as the original I first saw a decade ago.

News reports often included to amplify the case are along the following lines : XYZ Company is proud to report broadband internet trials are underway using a ground-breaking technology that will revolutionise radio, TV, cable TV, internet and data services to the home. Existing electricity power cable can supply all of your digital services at speeds up to 50 Mbits. Extensive laboratory trials have proven this technology, and testing with customers is at an early stage. If fully successful a commercial rollout is planned within the next three months.

It is then customary to include a CEO interview that says something along the lines of : “All the obstacles have been overcome. The technology is now proven, stable and economically viable, and we are in a position to revolutionise the last mile. We also predict this technology will see the demise of the telco in the next decade…”

Partner companies usually keep their names secret in anticipation of further announcements to be made later that year and the technical press always seem convinced it is all true. But about 6-12 months after the announcements the companies involved quietly say they are ceasing trials and development because some alternative technology has been discovered. It then goes very quiet and nothing more is heard.

 What is the BPL status in Europe ?

In Europe, some countries like Germany have fixed an “acceptable RFI threshold” at 28 mV/m, a value below which perturbations are considered as… “normal” by the administration !

In fact this value is extremely high, equivalent to a signal stronger than S-8. The receiver module of a high-end transceiver is able to detect a signal strength as weak as 0.15 mV/m ! You can imagine what QRM theses signals can generate… 

Some universities and private companies (e.g. Dortmund/Siemens, AG, etc) did measurements and observed that during BPL/PLC trials signals in HF bands reached between 13-17 dB above the threshold (NB 30). In other words these signals blocked completely amateur receivers at +17 dBm ! 

If nothing change, you can consider to practice another hobby or think working portable in the field, far from the power cabling system… 

NB. The solution of using a very selective radio using mechanical roofing filters that reject such a QRM and enhance the S/N ratio but sometimes this solution will also raise the local noise. In the worst case there is no solution. Sorry, but it is the reality !

So if nothing change, do ban BPL !

I wouldn’t find this so upsetting if it only happened once but to my knowledge there have been dozens of false dawns. If only the people involved would visit my office I could save them a small fortune. At a modest estimate, over $200m has been expended to date and no one has been successful in transmitting significant amounts of data over power cables to the home.

I can guarantee no one will get this technology to work as advertised. It might be appealing and economically attractive but I’m afraid the basic laws of physics cannot be sidelined. For anyone contemplating the waste of another $5-30m here is my ‘don’t do it’ shortlist :

– Power cables employ low-grade plastic that is unfriendly to high-frequency signals as the absorption per unit length is very high. This alone precludes transmission of high-speed data over significant distances.

– Power cables are not physically symmetrical and are therefore very effective antennas. They radiate energy from high-speed data signals which becomes a source of interference for wireless services including broadcast radio as well as emergency, maritime, aeronautical, military and navigation services. By reciprocity they also suck in energy from every local radio source which further degrades data signals.

– As signals propagate along cables they become weaker but the switching transients from washings machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, electric drills, light switches and other appliances are huge, do not decay at the same rate and swamp data signals

– Switching transients on power grids with generators going on and off line, dynamic load sharing, fault and maintenance work, all induces massive transients that also swamp data signals.

– Cable joints, transformers, power meters, the on/off nature of electrical appliances and the topology of power grids create large load changes and multiple signal reflection points. This creates a dynamic echo environment where the transmitted signal is further corrupted

– Real time communications of any kind – whether by telephone, radio or TV – are taken out by the huge voltage transients inherent to power lines and ultimately the data rates achievable for non-real time are also very low.

– Transformers and power meters require a workaround as they present an absolute block to any high frequency signals.

An aurora over New Zealand (46°S) pictured by Stephen Voss on Septembre 8, 2002.

This is a short disaster list that says this technology will not work. And the real nail in the coffin ? Telephone and cables were designed to carry far higher frequencies than 50 Hz power cables and in every aspect offer superior performance for all data applications. And more recently wireless technology is becoming so low cost and so high performance that signal processing requirements for data over power cables, even if it were possible, would be prohibitively expensive in comparison.

In many locations the power companies have installed optical fibre along their power lines for telemetry related to the control of power distribution. Because their data requirements are so meagre huge amounts of bandwidth are available. So it does make sense for wireless technology to be used at that end point, in a distribution mode to attack the last mile.

Despite all of this there are more than 20 power companies currently active across Europe planning or conducting trials. The reported field performance results are very poor, as expected! Installation costs are higher than the telcos and cablecos. Yet they still seem determined to become the biggest source of radio interference on the planet.

And the ultimate decider ? It looks as though the politicians will be asked to decide between the power and wireless lobbies on the legality of the interference levels.

Contrary to a widely held belief, all the technology necessary to transform the local loop is to hand, and sporadic solutions such as data over powerline are a bit of an economically driven red herring.

So please, will the next candidate thinking of sending me another business plan with a revolutionary technology that will exploit power cables please employ someone who understands Maxwell’s equations, data transmission and holistic economics.

This column was compiled in a hotel lobby between meetings and despatched via a Wi-Fi link that appeared without identification – thanks to whoever decided to provide this charitable service.

And you ?

What can you do ? In the U.S.A. you can make a donation to ARRL to preserve your rights. In other countries do preserve our bands in becoming member of your national radio association. Do continue working in HF bands too and complain to the police (with statement) and to your national ham association each time that you observe a BPL trial in violation of amateur rights. A passive attitude is in favour of BPL companies and in this case do not be surprised if one day our bands disappear, reassigned to other services.

In addition, each time that you read an article about BPL in a magazine and that it forgot to speak about interference generated by these trials, write to the editor, explaining what are the side effects of these transmissions on HF bands and specially on radio amateurs activities, emergency services, broadcast listenings and army transmissions.

Take action now ! Publish as often as possible this page on the Internet and discuss about BPL with all concerned actors. All the amateur and broadcaster community will thank you.

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Whole Foods is selling Healthy Food, but WiFi in the Stores Is Not A Whole lot of sense!

WHOLE FOODS HAS SOLD ITS SOUL TO THE DEVIL!  The success of Whole Foods was based on Tony Harnet’s Dream, An already successful natural food chain when Whole Foods bought Harnet’s chain if stores then named,Bread and Circus. The clients who made the stores successful shopped there because of the quality of the brands being organic and or from trusted sources. The quality of the food is part of a lifestyle; so why is Whole Foods employing wireless technologies which are harmful to those who shop there?  Especially, those who are not able to be exposed to such an environment without feeling harmed?

The philosophy of healthy living is a contradiction to say the least, in supporting and profiting from it at the expense the very customers who have made you a success.  This is egregious.  You must rethink your approach to how you are choosing to do business.  You are destroying the very principles the business originally was founded on.  This is not a Whole lot of sense; just business cents.

OCT. 21, 2014


Apple says Apple Pay is more secure than a traditional credit card payment, because the system sends one-time codes to merchants to complete purchases rather than actual credit card numbers. Credit Eric Risberg/Associated Press

EXCERPT:  READ FULL ARTICLE AT: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/22/technology/personaltech/shopping-with-apple-pay-seamless-in-stores-but-quirky-online.html?_r=0

Any store that has a contactless terminal installed — usually a small screen where you can also swipe your credit card or enter PINs — should be able to accept a payment from an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Apple says more than 200,000 merchants now support contactless payments. A select few of those will actually be labeled with an “Apple Pay” sticker or other branding — you’ll notice them at Whole Foods and Macy’s, for example.

Dr R M Powell: Biological Effects from RF Radiation – Implications for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances – See more at: http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/dr-r-m-powell-biological-effects-from-rf-radiation-implications-for-smart-meters-and-smart-appliances

Biological-Effects-Chart-Dr-R-M-PowellApplied physicist and Harvard PhD, Dr Ronald M Powell, has authored a very useful document showing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation in the context of Smart Meters.

Of particular note is the Biological Effects Chart which Dr. Powell presents – providing a succinct graphical representation of data taken from Bioinitiative 2012 – an extensive review of the medical research literature on the biological effects from electromagnetic fields.  The purpose of the Chart is to show the radiofrequency (RF) exposure levels at which biological effects were found in 67 studies from the RF Color Charts of the BioInitiative 2012 Report, and then to compare those exposure levels to the following:

(1) current FCC Maximum Permitted Exposure (MPE) limits that govern Smart Meters and Smart Appliances in the United States [note that by understanding that UK exposure limits are based on ICNIRP standards it is also easy to compare exposure levels from a UK perspective – Ed.]

(2) new biologically based RF exposure limits proposed in the BioInitiative 2012 Report

(3) calculated RF exposure levels produced by a single Smart Meter at various distances

(4) calculated RF exposure levels produced by a single Smart Appliance at various distances

In the report, Powell explains that the comparison indicates the following:

(1) The current FCC Maximum Permitted Exposure (MPE) limits are so high that they provide no protection for the public from the biological effects found in any of the 67 studies [by implication the UK MPE limits likewise provide no protection – Ed.]

(2) New biologically based RF exposure limits proposed in the BioInitiative 2012 Report are 1 million times lower than current FCC limits and would protect against the biological effects found in nearly all of the 67 studies.

(3) A single Smart Meter on a home can produce RF exposure levels that caused the biological effects found in either most or many of the 67 studies, depending on the distance from the Smart Meter.

(4) A single Smart Appliance in the home can produce RF exposure levels that caused the biological effects found in nearly half or fewer of the 67 studies, depending on the distance from the Smart Appliance. Multiple Smart Appliances in a home multiply the total exposure.

(5) A single Smart Meter on a nearest neighbor’s home can produce RF exposure levels that caused the biological effects found in many of the 67 studies. A given home may have one to eight nearest neighbors, each with a Smart Meter, multiplying the total exposure in the given home.

Other observations:

(1) Most biological effects of RF exposure cannot be sensed by human beings. Examples are the onset of cancer, DNA damage, and fertility effects. One category of effects that can often be sensed includes neurological effects on sleep, memory, learning and behavior.

(2) Unborn and very young children may be more affected by RF exposure than adults. This document provides background information, an explanation of each feature of the Biological Effects Chart, and a detailed discussion of each of the conclusions and observations summarized above.

The report can be downloaded here: http://marylandsmartmeterawareness.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Biological_Effects_from_RF_Radiation_and-Implications_for_Smart_Meters_June_11_2013_B.pdf

UPDATE: Dr. N Khan, electrical engineering expert, confirms noise on smart grid has biological affects

Madam Sandra,

Let me clarify the Pf meter. It is a power factor meter that measures cosine of phase angle between voltage and current. This power factor (cosine of angle) can be reduced down to zero to bring voltage in phase with current (no time delay between them) using capacitors.

Inductive loads cause KVAr losses which can be cancelled by -KVAr of capacitors but electronic loads produce kVAd (distortion) that can not be mitigated except not using electronic loads which we can not afford in practical life.

Electronic loads smear/distort sinusoidal wave profile producing high frequency waves which do interfere with electronic control systems around.

This noise affects same way as most electromagnetic signals. It does not effect the way truck noise effects.  It affects in a biological way. It depends upon its energy (in ev). About 3 to 4 ev energy is enough to kill a living cell but electronic noise has lower energy.

Dr N Khan
On Tue, 11/18/14, Sandra <globalrfrdefenseteam@verizon.net> wrote:

Subject: Re: RE: A specter of logical challenges haunts smart grid
To: nasrullahk@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 9:13 PM

Thank you for taking the time to do so. It does not surprise me about the media
black out. Are there others whom are qualified and which you know who would be willing to speak out about this
issue. I would appreciate you using my format in my blog to do so. It would be of great service to post
any and all papers pointing out the negatives of this technology.  Do you have knowledge of the noise pollution this technology is causing worldwide? I would like you to clarify your description of the meter below. You refer to a Pf meter? Was this a typo error and you meant RF meter?  If not, what is a Pf meter?


Sandra Chianfoni
from a hardwired computer in a low rf