Smart Meter “Malfunction” Causes Pennsylvania Apartment Building Fire

Smart Meter “Malfunction” Causes Pennsylvania Apartment Building Fire

Posted on February 14, 2014
by SkyVision Solutions

Editor’s Update, May 7, 2014:

PA Smart Meter Fire Aftermath.2014This smart meter-related fire is still under investigation. The company involved with insuring the Bensalem apartment buildings reportedly requested an independent evaluation of all smart meters installed for the burned building. Current smart meters were removed/ replaced for such an evaluation. It is hoped that another update can be provided at future date as to the results of the independent evaluation and any actions taken as a result of the Bensalem apartment building fire. [It is possible, however, that the results will not be made public.]

Also, as a matter of public record, there was a Pennsylvania Legislative House Policy meeting held on April 14, 2014 on the subject of “Security in Installation of Smart Meters.” Presentation materials for that meeting indicate: “The meter itself is the cause of the Bensalem fire, not arcing and not the wires, per the Bensalem Fire Marshal.”

Testimony presented at the above mentioned meeting indicates that the “fire was definitely started by the Landis Smart Meter. The smart meter was located in the utility shed. Not sure where it started in the meter, but it definitely started inside the meter.”


Original Story:
PA Updated Smart Meter Fire Photo AA fast-moving apartment building fire occurred on Thursday, February 6, 2014, in Bensalem, Pennsylvania when at least one smart meter exploded and caught fire. Thirty (30) residents were displaced by the ensuing blaze at Bensalem’s Thunder Hollow apartments. Sixteen (16) apartments were affected. One firefighter was injured. According to the Bucks County Courier Times, the Bensalem Battalion Chief Robert Sponheimer said the fire started in a utility meter in an outside shed that housed electrical meters. He also said “residents reported hearing a loud bang, then losing power Thursday evening. Within minutes they saw smoke pouring out of the shed. The fire then spread to the building and its roof.”

Dramatic camera footage exists taken soon after the fire started, during the fire fighting activities, and during the recovery efforts,

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