Yes, they are listening to us and making changes!

Yes, they are listening to us and making changes! 

smart meter
Volume 3 Edition 8
June 26, 2014

Currently within Northern Virginia, Virginia’s main electric utility company, Dominion Power, is in the process of replacing analogue meters that measure your electricity usage with smart meters.  These smart meters communicate with the utility company 24/7 via microsecond bursts of radio frequency radiation.  There has been a lot of controversy over the installation of this type of meter throughout our country and worldwide because of health, safety, and security issues.   In many states people have worked with their legislatures to develop plans to opt out of smart meters.  In other states they are still fighting for this right.


 We are fortunate that because of the efforts of various activists and through direct conversations with the Center for Safer Wireless, we were able to inform Dominion Power in the spring of 2013 that we also wanted the right to opt out and we gave them our reasons why.


Dominion listened and observed these movements and the resistance to smart meters across the country. The utility removed one of the two antennas that originally came in the smart meter that monitored how you used your electricity. Most importantly, Dominion developed an opt out plan that would have ended in May of this year but instead they extended it indefinitely.  Their customers can opt out at any time once they have receive notice that they are to be upgraded to a smart meter or after they have received a smart meter.  This development is great news!  To read the opt out information go to Dominion Power opt out information. Read here why you should opt out of smart meters.


Other electric utility companies in Virginia have been listening to us also.  Barc Electric cooperative serving residents in Bath, Alleghany and Rockbridge Counties in Virginia have chosen to use wires to connect their digital meters to their electric grid.  



Other news 


In early June, the Center for Safer Wireless  hosted a successful showing of the documentary “Resonance – Beings of Frequency”. We had a very engaging question and answer period after the showing. This fall, we plan to show another documentary.


The Center for Safer Wireless signed the joint statement on pregnancy and wireless radiation which is part of the Baby Safe Project, a new public awareness initiative designed to inform women about the links between pregnancy and wireless radiation.  Go to our website to read more about this.


We also signed on to the Amicus Brief to the Appellate Court of the State of New Mexico in the case of Arthur Firstenberg. Click here for more information


This week we are participating in meetings with Congressional staff and federal agencies.This is part of the People’s Initiative Group’s advocacy trip to Washington, DC to discuss the health impact of smart meters. Click here for their announcement of legal actions against harm from wireless radiation from household and commercial digital electric meters.





What about the Birds and the Bees?



Bees are impacted by wireless radiation study says 


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