Dr Vini G. Khurana from Canberra -No benefits from smart meters and harms your health

Canberra neurosurgeon writes about smart meters…

http://stopsmartmeters.com.au/2014/06/06/canberra-neurosurgeon-writes-about-smart-meters/  (Where you can click on the links below)

Here is what Dr Vini G. Khurana MBBS (Syd, Hons), BScMed (Syd, Hons), PhD (Mayo Clinic), FRACS, neurosurgeon from Canberra, thinks about wireless smart meters:

The Australian electrical utility company Citipower (Powercor) is currently rolling out “smart meters” in Australian homes. There are public concerns regarding possible health effects that such a device might have via continuous near-field electromagnetic radiation emissions (especially if situated near bed-heads and family and childrens’ rooms). Info about smart meter health and safety issues via Citipower’s own brochure (CLICK HERE) appears inadequate based on information gathered from experts elsewhere (see links below). Regarding smart meters:

    1. There does not appear to be any real benefit for consumers/households and no “green” benefit either
    2. Financial benefits following installation appear to be exclusively for power companies
    3. DETRIMENTAL effects for consumers appear to be (i) a substantial rise in household utility bills; (ii) possible adverse neurological effects in people who sustain close proximity to the meters (especially < 10 feet/3 metres); (iii) invaded personal privacy via third parties obtaining information about household occupancy patterns gleaned from time-specific utility usage data, (iv) impending additional wireless meter installations for gas, water, television and communication devices etc.
    • A generic letter received from Citipower (CLICK HERE). Note the asterisked section on page 2 of the letter; the statement is inaccurate – how can this electrical radiotransmitter device have no electromagnetic field? The device emits throughout the day and night…but:
      • what are the exact signal strengths?
      • when exactly/how frequently is it transmitting back-to-base?
      • what is the EMF plume (distant-dependent EM field) of the meter itself when not transmitting (i.e., “at rest”) versus when transmitting?
      • Why can’t they be hard-wired instead and shouldn’t their ‘boxes’ be EMF-shielded by the Utility company?
    • The above fundamental questions need to be addressed.
    • Further info:
      • Report on smart meters by Dr Don Maisch Australia (www.emfacts.com). CLICK HERE
      • Report on smart meters from a Californian professional group. CLICK HERE
      • Article on smart meter problems from Canada. CLICK HERE
      • A notice from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine regarding smart meters. CLICK HERE
      • Report on smart meters by Dan Hirsch, Univ California Santa Cruz. CLICK HERE
      • An on-line report regarding smart meter removal actions in California. CLICK HERE
      • An example of stop smart meter installation signage (Australia; CLICK HERE) from www.stopsmartmeters.com.au

Via: http://brain-surgery.us/mobilephone.html

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