The Health Argument Against Wireless Smart Meters

The Health Argument Against Wireless Smart Meters

Editor Note:  This blog article highlights a document authored by Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D.  The document makes a strong case against the use of wireless smart meters and  for replacing them with safe metering technology.  Although specific mention is made in this well-written document to the state of Maryland, reference to any state or province could easily be substituted, as applicable, when electric or other utility companies have been allowed to move forward with wireless smart meter deployments.]

The Health Argument for Replacing Wireless Smart Meters with a Safe Metering Technology in Maryland

by Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D. [1], April 16, 2014

“The electric power companies of Maryland made a dreadful mistake when they elected to install Wireless Smart Meters to measure electrical power.  Wherever these meters are installed, they threaten the health of all residents in the community, violate their privacy, increase the cyber vulnerability of the supply of electricity to their homes, decrease their personal security and safety, and threaten property values in the community.  And Wireless Smart Meters do all of this without any persuasive evidence of any financial benefit to the customers.”

“All of these consequences are important for Marylanders; but the health threat is particularly tragic.  If you care about the health of Marylanders, including the health of your own family, and about the cost of health care in Maryland, do consider the information presented here and the many supporting references cited.  This document describes the health problems that the biomedical research community has found caused by exposure to the type of radiation — radiofrequency radiation (at microwave frequencies) — emitted by wireless Smart Meters.  These researchers work to protect the rest of us from harm, but we must be wise enough to listen.  We, in Maryland, are late in listening.

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Nine Reasons Why Today’s Smart Meter Systems Are a Mistake

Nine Reasons Why Today’s Smart Meter Systems Are a Mistake

Editor Note:  This blog article consists of a document authored by Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D., intended as a letter addressed to a utility company that may be considering the installation of smart meters.]


by Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D. biochemist

INTRODUCTION Smart electric meters and smart grid systems track and record details of customers’ energy usage, and transmit the information to utilities wirelessly at microwave frequencies. Authorities are attempting to make smart meters mandatory.  They are usually installed without permission and sometimes against the wishes of homeowners.  Smart meters fill homes with pulsed microwave radiation 24/7 without consent, and infringe on the privacy, security, safety and health of residents.


  1. No real cost justification
  2. Invasion of privacy rights
  3. Susceptibility to hacking and cyber-terrorism
  4. Adverse biological effects
  5. Possible human carcinogen
  6. FCC and industry spin
  7. Mental and physical debilitation
  8. Opt-outs not sufficient
  9. Safety and benefits propaganda

Nine Reasons Why Today’s Smart Meter Systems Are a Mistake