Why is our government intentionally putting our lives in danger?

WHY ARE WE BEING IGNORED LIKE NOTHING IS HAPPENING TO US? So many unanswered questions that makes you beg to wonder……

“Hearers” of the EMR (electromagnetic radiation) pollution aptly coined, “Smart Grid Syndrome which includes those who are being harmed physically as well, are being dismissed and ignored by our Government.  We have proven the noise pollution is real and in our air 24 hours a day.  The medical profession has acknowledged EHS is a disability caused by the environmental exposure to EMR.  So why is nothing being done to stop this proliferation upon all living things?  Why do we present all the evidence, experts, victims while the little soldiers whom represent government and our pseudo advocacy, exhibit, by their words, and actions no intention of stopping this death machine that is destroying humans and wildlife?  Who are we trying to convince?  Why aren’t they worried about their kids and loved ones as well?  They are looking at the same studies, listening to the same sufferers, but yet they twist the truth to suit their agenda.  We have nothing to gain and everything to lose and I speak in the present tense that the harm is happening now and not something projected into the future.  It is only going to be more devastating the longer the majority waits and does nothing. 
I saw a news story on the Today Show about Alzheimer’s.  The government acknowledges their concern for Alzheimer’s.  With 5% of the global population inflicted by this disease; costing our government 1 trillion dollars a year for care.  Ignorance and misinformation about “hearer” sufferers is an excuse to ignore and dismiss the problem; minimizing the fact that 5% of the population worldwide is not so small when you do the math.  It is over 35 million victims that are being ignored.  Same percentage as people with Alzheimer’s.  Our disadvantage is that we can’t forget that we are suffering physically by the EMR pollution.  We can’t forget that we are acoustically being traumatized without relief, 24 hours a day in our homes, workplaces, schools etc.  Why is the government and medical community ignorant and unyielding? Why do they try to discredit victims by categorizing them as mentally unstable when science and evidence says otherwise?  The sickness and disability will cost the tax payers another trillion dollars to care for those injured by EMR pollution.  Alzheimer’s has been linked to electro pollution as well.
EMR is holding over 35 million victims captive and many more will be impacted by the constant exposure and accumulative effect of the polluted environment people have no choice but to live in.

The AMI (automated metering infrastructure) they so wrongly and arrogantly named the Smart Grid is a military grade weapon directed where it is turned on at everyone exposed .  Using pulsed RF frequencies proven by the military to be biologically harmful. Why then are we using this military weapon grade technology? 

The machine proliferating the modernization of the global grid using frequencies that potentially harm humans and wildlife is not a random thoughtless act.  It is intentional and done with knowledge of the dangers this presents.  Why then, is this being rolled out like a military take over  of our towns, schools, cities infiltrating and polluting our environments with deadly pulsed signals penetrating our brains and body 24 hours a day. Nonstop.  The transmission is always on  even during a power outage.  You cannot protect yourself or your family.  You can’t move to escape. You can’t shield to escape.  You cannot question or complain because it will not be taken seriously. 

Why does the Government want to make people sick?  Why do they want to pulse RF signals through the power lines into our homes?  Why do they ignore the harm it is doing to our wildlife?  The H.ES.E. report studies detail the harm it is doing to our birds, bats, fish and honeybees.

It is time for you to look around you ask yourself these questions.  There is nothing polite or benign about the governments’ intentions here.  They are not naïve; as many would like to believe.  We are only privy to what they want us to know or what is not in their absolute power to censor. 

We have the truth because regardless of all the static surrounding what is proven or not proven; the government cannot hide the truth of what people are going through.  I want to call you every expletive known to man; to display the loathing and disgust I feel for an entity that is a coward, who is the lowest of life form.  Show your ugly presence, so we can fight on even ground.  We know it is not President Obama!

Who are we fighting? Why are you afraid of the truth?