Disturbing story from a w. Sedona beekeeper…..

Smart meters have just gone in all around me.  I’ve been a bee-keeper for some time.  My hive is known by local bee-keepers to be the most docile hive anyone has ever worked with.  Two weeks ago, without having to smoke them, I went into the hive, reorganized combs and removed honey from four different combs, and neither I nor the person who was helping me were stung.  Yes, they checked us out, landed on us, but no stings.  

Today was a very different scenario.  The meters went in all around me this morning (I just walked the block after I was attacked to see if it was just one meter or many meters.  I counted one to the left, one kitty-corner to the left behind me, one directly behind me, one directly to my side (10 feet from m y bedroom — closer to my house than it is to hers).  There were two properties for which I could not see the meters, and did not wish to trespass:  a second property directly to m y right and one kitty-corner to the right.  I had previously canvassed each of these houses, spoke to each owner.  To a one they had expressed great gratitude for my having come around.

 Today, after the meters were put in, as I came near my bee hive (I love watching them bring in pollen and do so every day) they literally turned in droves, first marched toward me from under the hive (I was behind the hive, away from the entrance) and then as a group they sprang into the air and dive-bombed me.  This has never happened.  To me this is nature screaming out in alarm about the smart meters.

Patrick, please pass this information on to all the beekeepers on your list.  In case you can’t tell.  I am really upset. I’m also scared — too many bee stings are life threatening.

Before the bee incident, I could already feel my body’s first reaction:  as if someone had put a rod left to right, temple to temple, through my head and was suspending me from it.

Is there anything I can do?  This is a direct infringement on my lifestyle, moreover, the bees, being the sensitive ‘canaries’ of our environment that they are, are clearly telling us:  STOP, before you kill everyone.


Thank you for reading this and for your caring support, 🙂

Marianna“That which we experience within ourselves only at a time when our hearts develop love is actually the very same thing that is present as a substance in the entire hive. The whole beehive is permeated with life based on love.”
                                                                                       –  Rudolf Steiner


Marianna H, Ph.D., CMT,