Click at top of page on Smart Grid Syndrome Testimonials where you can read posts from those suffering from the EMR Noise/radiation pollution from the AMI/AMR smart grid pulsed signals. Whether you are aware or not of the harm this exposure is doing to all living things; it is necessary to halt the proliferation of the automated metering infrastructure which is currently in place until it can operate without injury and harm to humans and wildlife. This is the prudent thing to do and it should be a red flag that the government has moved this forward, while ignoring the harm it is doing. There are over 20,000 studies proving the harm. FCC guidelines are outdated. This should be enough.

1. Please leave your story with us, so that we can expose how much and wide spread the negative effects and harm caused by AMI/AMR infrastructure are.

2. Also, please take the time to sign the petition to: “HALT THE EMR NOISE POLLUTION HARMING HUMANS AND WILDLIFE” AT:

3. Contact us at for instructions on how to file a formal complaint with your State Public Utility Commission.

Alone we beg, together we negotiate

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