Rage Against Smart Meters-MIT Technology Report

Rage Against the Smart Meter

      Seeing Big Brother in the grid, some citizens are mounting opposition to wireless electricity meters. By Antonio Regalado on April 26, 2012EXCERPT:

The intensity of the opposition has caught utilities flat-footed. “It was stunning to us when we ran into the response that we got. We did not see it coming,” says John Carroll, a spokesman for Central Maine Power. Customers worried that smart meters could start fires, interfere with medical devices, or even cause cancer.Full Article: http://www.technologyreview.com/news/427497/rage-against-the-smart-meter/

Maryland Senate and House to Hold Hearings on Legislation to Address Smart Meter Problems

Maryland Senate and House to Hold Hearings on Legislation to Address Smart Meter Problems

The Maryland Senate Finance Committee and House Economic Matters Committee will be holding hearings regarding four bills that address smart meter problems on March 4th and March 6th.  Since the Maryland Public Service Commission’s (PSC) May 2012 order # 84926 allowing meter installation deferrals, approximately 30,000 Maryland ratepayers have requested a deferral.  In addition, another 175,000 with indoor analog meters have refused the utilities access to those meters.   A Public Service Commission January 7, 2013 order #85294 states that if a permanent opt out is permitted that those customers opting out would pay an extra fee.  Such a fee, unless very small, eliminates choice for Marylanders, all of whom are currently required to pay for smart meters, whether they have one or not. The proposed legislation seeks to secure a permanent opt out option, addresses privacy concerns, and fee issues.