Halting Smart Meter Installation in Massachusetts and Beyond

Spirit of Change Magazine

February 22, 2014

Patricia Burke


In Fairfax, California, the utility company installed microwave transmission devices without informing the community, and many EHS individuals in Massachusetts perceive the same dynamic occurring in the Commonwealth. Symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity can include indigestion and nausea, extreme vertigo, eye dryness and skin problems, headaches, nosebleed, overheating, exhaustion, depression, sleep disorders, aggression, focusing issues, fertility challenges, internal bleeding, and brain fog. The Berkshire-based blog http://www.sandaura.wordpress.com documents complaints from residents adversely affected by the hum of pulsed 217 Hz radio frequency emanating from the power lines, the noise of which represents a violation under Massachusetts General Law.



I have pondered this question for a while due to the fact that in 2006 when the Smart Grid Syndrome began in our town, Verizon was rolling out their DSL modems with Wi-Fi hidden in the modems. We signed up for it not knowing about the hidden Wi-Fi  When we received our modem and manual; we were not aware of smart meters let alone the program.  We were unaware that National Grid needed the Wi-Fi for a communication mesh to talk and collect the meter data.  We were unaware that this even existed. We were never notified that this would be implemented and we would be a part of this program.

What is even more heinous, the modem was we received came Wi-Fi enabled without our knowledge or consent. The modem came with a manual which we still have in our possession.  There is no mention of Wi-Fi in the manual.  We are still hardwired, but we requested a DSL modem only without the Wi-Fi capabilities.  We have the old modem in our possession as evidence of violations of the MA Consumer Protection Law Chapter 93A.

What right did Verizon have by selling a product without full disclosure of what the consumer was purchasing?  I believe they are exposed to several laws they have broken.  We were exposed to Wi-Fi radiation for several years before we figured this out.  How can a corporation dictate what is healthy or not healthy for a consumer?  What right did they have to implant a microwave transmitting device in a product and not be forthcoming with that information?  What kind of world do we live in that allows these crimes and does not protect its people?  How disgusted I am that I witness these crimes on a daily basis and there is no uprising against these injustices?

I used to be of the thinking that  other countries who did not live in a democracy were less fortunate than us.  I have had a rude awakening to realize, we are them!!!!  The only difference being, the people in other countries are fighting for their rights to be free to live in a democracy and we are not.  Would our government turn guns on peaceful protestors?  Are we willing to fight for <em>our freedom </em>as others have done in Syria and the Ukraine?  What is it going to take to come to these realizations?

Verizon is exposed to major law suit and why aren’t we fighting to take our Country back?


Smart Meter Opposition Growing Everyday

When a utility installs smart meters, it assumes they will make it easier to spot energy theft.
What a utility may not realize, however, is that smart meters also make it easier for clever hackers to steal power.

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At last – an electrical utility company uses common sense and tells the truth.

Powerline discharges activate toxic pollutants

UK Powerwatch’s Alasdair Philips believes that the BJC paper accidentally provides good evidence, for the first time, for possible real childhood cancer resulting from powerline corona charging radionuclides from atmospheric atomic bomb testing making them far more bio-active by being retained in the lung and entering the bloodstream.

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